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Life of Leisure: what our generation will wear when they retire


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Photographer Alex de Mora has revealed the “Life of Leisure” project that consists of portraits of old people in leisure outfits in an attempt to predict how our generation will look when they grow old.

The younger generation does not appreciate how their grandparents dress. However, even they do not agree with the fashion choices of the older generation, a time will come when they will grow old and they will be the ones considered out of fashion. Photographer Alex de Mora is attempting to show “how our generation will look when we retire”. In a fashion shoot for the Vice Magazine, the artist is portraying old people in a “Life of Leisure”.

Life of Leisure is a photo project envisioning how our generation will look when they get older

Alex De Mora was taking photos of his grandmother when he got the idea of creating a fashion editorial portraying older people. The artist says that older people are more interesting in a fashion shoot when compared to younger models. He forwarded the idea to the Vice Magazine, which enjoyed it and the project became a dream come true.

The result is called “Life of Leisure” and it consists of portraits of old people wearing leisure outfits. Alex says that a “leisurewear series” has been on his mind for a long time, so this has been the perfect opportunity to create it.

The photo shoot has occurred at the photographer’s London-based studio. The background of the shot is matching the clothes as well as the make-up of the models. Alex de Mora says that the shots have a surreal look this way, while adding style to the project.

“Life of Leisure” is meant to have a “hip-hop” look, as this genre seems to be in fashion with the current generation. The artist envisioned Snoop Dogg in his leisure tracksuit made out of velour material on a shopping trip, so all that remains to be seen is whether this generation will actually dress this way when it gets older.

About photographer Alex de Mora

Alex de Mora is a commercial photographer who has worked with world-renowned artists and publications. He has done shoots for The Verge, Crack, FHM, and Juke. Moreover, his work includes clients such as Red Bull, Converse, Nike, and Atlantic Records.

The artist has multiple projects listed on his personal website, revealing fashion photo shoots, commercial work, and portraits among others. His work has also been exhibited at the Wayward Gallery in London among others.

You can find more details and more photos at the photographer’s official website.

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