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Crisis Relief Singapore reminds us that “Liking isn’t helping”


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An ad agency has created a campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore, called “Liking isn’t helping”, using touching photos to show that Facebook likes do not help those in need.

This world is dominated by disasters and people know that a lot of bad things happen across the globe. Those people choose to “Like” disaster press photos and articles on Facebook and other social networks. Unfortunately, this is where their involvement ends.

earthquake Crisis Relief Singapore reminds us that "Liking isn't helping" Exposure

This is a small child, who has become a victim of an earthquake. Crisis Relief Singapore and Publicis Singapore have created an ad campaign using press photos and photoshopped thumbs-up to show that “Liking isn’t helping.

Powerful “Liking isn’t helping” campaign reminds people that they are not doing much good

Crisis Relief Singapore, a disaster relief organization, has decided to do something about it. Although liking and sharing these photos and articles raises awareness, it does not actually help calamity victims.

The best way to draw the attention of internet users is by creating a viral campaign. The volunteers of the CRS have entrusted a Singapore-based advertising agency with this task. Publicis Singapore has delivered on its promise and the results are so touching that they will make anyone to have second thoughts when liking content on Facebook.

The campaign has been called “Liking isn’t helping”. The idea behind it is pretty much found in its title, as the CRS feels that liking photos on social networks is not helping those in need.

flood Crisis Relief Singapore reminds us that "Liking isn't helping" Exposure

Flooding victims will not benefit from Facebook likes. CRS wants people to get involved and truly change a life.

Earthquake, Flood, and War victims should receive your help, not your “Like”

Publicis Singapore has created three ads, called Earthquake, Flood, and War. Each shot is actually an edited press photo. Adobe Photoshop has been used for adding thumbs-up in the images in an attempt to imitate the Facebook’s Like icon.

The edited images are sending a powerful message. They show that liking is not enough and that it is as good as standing next to the victims and giving them a thumbs-up.

As stated above, there are three ads. The Earthquake one shows a small child with an amputated leg, the Flood one depicts a girl struggling to make her way through the water, while the War one shows a woman holding a boy in her hands, who is an innocent victim of the horrors of warfare.

war Crisis Relief Singapore reminds us that "Liking isn't helping" Exposure

War is affecting innocent children. Here is a mother holding her dying child. According to CRS, liking on Facebook does not mean that you are doing something to help the victims.

Crisis Relief Singapore is aiming to inspire people

The message is clear: liking photos will help raise awareness, but that is it. If all people donate instead of liking, then the Crisis Relief Singapore would get the much-needed money to assist the crisis victims.

CRS also has a website where people can donate and find out more details about its projects. Nevertheless, the disaster relief organization also presents information about how you can help the victims.

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