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Lily Camera flies on its own and records full HD videos


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Lily Camera is a new quadcopter with a built-in camera that is capable of flying autonomously and following anybody who is wearing a dedicated GPS tracking device.

We have seen our fair share of drones that can follow users using pre-determined settings, such as the HEXO+. Well, another one has just been unveiled and it may well be the cutest one, yet. It is called Lily Camera and it has been designed by Lily Robotics.

The new Lily Camera features four rotors and it comes alongside a GPS tracking device, which is also the way it knows who to follow as well as how to follow the person wearing it.

Lily Robotics introduces Lily Camera, a drone with a built-in camera that flies autonomously

Lily Camera features a built-in camera that is capable of shooting full HD videos at up to 60fps as well as 720p videos at up to 120fps. While recording movies, the camera can capture 12-megapixel stills.

The users do not have to learn to fly this drone. It is a self-flying quadcopter that also starts recording when you throw it in the air. It is that simple and it can easily detect when someone throws it. Not only does it fly on its own, but it also lands on its own. Users simply have to stretch their arm and Lily will land on it.

An Android and iOS application will be released, so that the users tell Lily from what distance to follow them and how high to fly. The minimum altitude is 5 feet / 1.75 meters and the maximum altitude is 50 feet / 15 meters, while the minimum distance from the user is 5 feet / 1.75 meters and the maximum distance distance from the user is 100 feet / 30 meters.

The maximum speed of the Lily Camera stands at 25mph / 40km/h, so if you are going faster than that, then it will not be able to keep up with you.

lily-camera Lily Camera flies on its own and records full HD videos News and Reviews

Lily Camera flies on its own while following you around for up to 20 minutes.

Lily Camera is waterproof and offers a flight time of 20 minutes

The creators of the Lily Camera are stating that the drone has a 20-minute battery, which can be recharged in a couple of hours. The camera is also waterproof down to one meter, so if you throw it close to the water and it goes under water, then it will still be capable of rising in the air and flying.

The GPS tracking device comes with a waterproof casing that you should wear when doing sports on water or while swimming.

Lily features a microSD card slot and comes with a pre-installed 4G memory card. Above the camera sensor, the designers have placed a couple of status LEDs, which appear like a set of happy eyes.

It is not available, yet, but the Lily Camera can be pre-ordered for about $499 at its official website. The company has hinted that shipping is expected to start in February 2016 for $999. This means that if you plan on getting this device, then you should order it now because its price will double on launch day.

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