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Liquid Image Ego LS camera streams data via 4G LTE networks


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Liquid Image has officially introduced one of the first action cameras in the world that is capable of streaming data over 4G LTE networks, called Ego LS Model 800.

When photographers hear about the new Liquid Image Ego LS camera they might think that WiFi and NFC connectivity options are “so 2013”.

A new year has arrived and it seems like content will no longer be shared to a smartphone or tablet via WiFi, as the first action camera in the world to support data transfer via 4G LTE networks has been announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014.

Liguid Image launches full HD wearable camera, called Ego LS Model 800, that supports 4G LTE data transfer

liquid-image-ego-ls Liquid Image Ego LS camera streams data via 4G LTE networks News and Reviews

Liquid Image Ego LS is a wearable camera that records full HD videos and is capable of transferring data via 4G LTE.

Liquid Image has attracted a lot of interest around its CES stand and many photographers have been surprised to hear that the new Ego LS can send the images and movies it has recorded using 4G data.

This wearable camera captures full HD videos at 30 frames per second or 720p videos at 60fps. After completing your recordings, you can simply attach a 4G LTE Module to the Ego LS and then begin the data transfer.

And now for the downsides…

Nevertheless, there are a few downsides that might affect the sales of the Liquid Image Ego LS. Users will have to purchase the 4G LTE Module separately. It may not be such a big deal, but it does cost $199.99, so not a lot of people can afford it.

Furthermore, it only supports Verizon’s 4G network, while modules for other carriers will be released at a later date. Still, each module will support only one carrier, so users will have to make sure that they remain committed to a single telecom operator.

Another problem is that photographers will have to pay for their own data charges, which are not known for being cheap.

To top it all, using 4G LTE networks will severely drain the battery, which will not last more than a couple of hours when transferring data this way.

Potential buyers should not be scared of the downsides as the Liquid Image Ego LS is a versatile device

This is why Liquid Image has confirmed that the Ego LS Model 800 comes with WiFi support, too. In addition, Bluetooth and Low Frequency RF technologies are the other connectivity options.

Transferring data via WiFi is more battery-friendly as the “juice” will be drained in about six hours. Additionally, the Low Frequency RF mode keeps the wearable camera in stand-by for more than a day.

At $199.99, this mountable shooter is not exactly cheap, but not expensive either. Despite all downsides, having 4G LTE data and an action camera at your disposal (for a grand total of less than $400) is convenient and the other issues can be overcome with ease.

Specifications and release date details

Liquid Image’s Ego LS Model 800 can take photos at a quality of up to 8 megapixels and supports continuous shooting, so that photographers will be sure that they capture the right frame.

The lens provides a 135-degree angle of view and content can be stored on a microSD card of up to 64GB.

The camera is “water resistant”, but if you want it to be complete waterproof, then a housing that withstands depths down to 130 feet will be sold separately at launch. Speaking of which, the release date has been set for June 2014.

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