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Lomography Konstruktor announced as world’s first DIY 35mm film SLR camera


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Lomography has announced a do-it-yourself 35mm SLR film camera, called Konstruktor, getting back to the roots of analog photography.

The Lomography team members are fans of 35mm film, as the team has revealed multiple gadgets that allow old-school photographers to brush the dust of their cameras and start shooting.

lomography-konstruktor Lomography Konstruktor announced as world's first DIY 35mm film SLR camera News and Reviews

Lomography Konstruktor is the world’s first fully-functional do-it-yourself 35mm SLR camera. It also supports various interchangeable lenses and a Bulb photography mode.

Lomography launches Konstruktor, a do-it-yourself 35mm film SLR camera

After the Smartphone Film Scanner, which turns 35mm film into digital photos, the Lomography Konstruktor has been officially launched, as the world’s first do-it-yourself 35mm SLR camera.

The company says that the device is really easy to assemble and that the package comes with construction instructions. If you want a 35mm film SLR camera, then you are just a few clicks and screws away, says Lomography.

The Konstruktor is also a full-fledged SLR camera, since it supports interchangeable lenses and it comes packed with a working viewfinder. The latter will allow photographers to properly frame their shot before pressing the shutter button.

lomography-konstruktor-diy-35mm-film-slr-camera Lomography Konstruktor announced as world's first DIY 35mm film SLR camera News and Reviews

Lomography is a customizable Konstruktor DIY 35mm film SLR camera. Even though it comes packed with a 50mm f/10 lens, the user can change it, just like its design, which can get a more colorful look.

Konstruktor features a 50mm f/10 lens and 1/80-second shutter speed

Lomography’s latest camera will come with a 50mm f/10 lens and Bulb photography support, which is quite useful for longer exposure times. A tripod mount is available, since longer exposures require a steady camera.

The 50mm f/10 lens features a manual focus ring, allowing users to capture properly focused shots in all occasions. It is worth noting that the camera can focus at a distance of just 50cm.

Although the Konstruktor supports multiple exposure modes, the shutter speed is fixed at 1/80th of a second. As stated above, a Bulb mode is available, meaning that photographers will have to press the shutter button for longer exposures.

lomography-konstruktor-package Lomography Konstruktor announced as world's first DIY 35mm film SLR camera News and Reviews

Lomography will send this package to your address for just $35. After that, it takes between one and two hours to assemble the whole project and you can start shooting.

World’s first DIY 35mm film SLR camera takes one to two hours to build

SLR photography will improve your photographic skills, says Lomography, inviting people to purchase its device. The new camera takes between one and two hours to be built, but the rewards will outweigh the risks.

Speaking of the risks, it is easy to go wrong with Konstruktor, since the camera is available as of right now at the company’s online store for a small price of $35 or £29.

The official Lomography website is also hosting the full set of instructions, from building the camera and the lens to attaching the 35mm film.

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