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Lomography LC-A 120 camera launched with 4-step zone focusing


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Lomography has announced the LC-A 120 camera, which is meant to take over the reigns from the “legendary” Lomo LC-A with a set of new features and creative possibilities.

A company that is making lots of cool stuff, allowing photographers to explore their creativity, is Lomography. The manufacturer has recently grabbed plenty of attention through Kickstarter, where most of its projects have acquired the necessary funds in record time.

Lomography is back with a new “limited edition” product. It is called LC-A 120 and will provide intriguing contrasts, glowing tones, and unusual vignetting, just like the LC-A and LC-Wide cameras.

lomography-lc-a-120 Lomography LC-A 120 camera launched with 4-step zone focusing News and Reviews

Lomography LC-A 120 camera captures photos on 120 film and comes packed with a four-stop zone focusing system.

Lomography unveils LC-A 120 film camera

Most photographers are used to capturing uneven photos in the 16:9 or similar aspect ratios provided by digital cameras. However, there are other things that people can experiment with, and one of them is taking square images on 120 film.

Artistic photos can be captured without having a top DSLR, as a camera is only as good as the person holding it. The Lomography LC-A 120 will offer interesting contrasts, colors, and vignetting, while inviting users to adhere to the following mantra: “don’t think, just shoot”.

The LC-A 120 falls into the medium format sector and announces itself as “the most compact and automatic 120 film camera ever”.

Focusing is entirely manual and consists of four steps, each corresponding to a certain zone. The first one stands at 60 centimeters, then it goes to 1 meter, to 2.5 meters, and to infinity.

Lomography LC-A 120 camera employs a 38mm f/4.5 wide-angle lens

The manufacturer has confirmed that the Lomography LC-A 120 camera features multiple exposure support. Additionally, long exposures are supported, too, along with rear curtain flash.

Lomo will supply a cable release, which will be useful when capturing photos from a tripod. As stated above, this is an “automatic” camera. This trait comes from the fact that it can be programmed to take photos at a certain time.

The new LC-A 120 also features a 38mm f/4.5 Minigon XL lens, which provides a 35mm focal length equivalent of 21mm. Its shutter speed will range from 1/500th of a second to unlimited, so it is a matter of how long you want to press that shutter button.

Lomography says that the camera will support 120 roll films with ISO sensitivities ranging between 100 and 1600.

Release date and price details

The manufacturer has announced that the LC-A 120 is available for pre-order. At first, this will be a “limited edition” model, as only 500 units will be on sale before the holidays. If you are not among the first 500 people to order, then you will have to wait a little longer to grab a unit.

The camera will be released for $429 and you can place your order at Lomography’s website right now.

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