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Lomography Smartphone Scanner turns 35mm film into digital photos


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Developing a 35mm film has become easier thanks to the Lomography Smartphone Scanner, a device which scans films with the help of smartphone cameras.

Lomography offers very cool imaging accessories, but the latest one will definitely appeal to retro photographers. It has been called Smartphone Scanner and it has been made available at the company’s official website.

Scanning 35mm films is not that easy and cheap. Photographers may have to perform a separate scan of the images, in order to turn them into digital files.

The digital era’s goal is to allow users to share these photos via email or on social networking websites, and even give people the possibility to print them.

Lomography Smartphone Scanner’s purpose is to turn 35mm film into digital photos

Well, the photographers’ jobs got a lot easier thanks to Lomography, a company which has developed a small device called Smartphone Scanner.

The Smartphone Scanner is based on a pretty straightforward design. The film is illuminated on a direct light panel, while the mobile phone camera captures a shot of the 35mm film. The photos are scanned at high-resolution and they can be shared or printed immediately.

Photographers can turn on the device, insert the film, and then take a photo of it with a smartphone camera. For the time being, the device is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. However, not all of them are supported, while the Lomoscanner application is not ready for download yet.

The Smartphone Scanner does work out of the box, but its functionality will be very limited without the aforementioned application.

Lomoscanner photo-editing app will become available for download soon

Lomography said that the Lomoscanner app will be free for both iPhone and Android devices and it will become available in the following weeks.

The Lomoscanner app will allow photographers to edit their images. The negatives can be turned into positives, images can be stitched together, while users can also apply filters to turn regular photos into artistic shots.

The Lomography Smartphone Scanner can be purchased right now at the official store for a price of $59.

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