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London Camera Exchange opening new Manchester store on February 26


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London Camera Exchange has officially announced that it is relocating its Manchester store to a more central location in the same city.

london-camera-exchange-manchester-store-relocation London Camera Exchange opening new Manchester store on February 26 News and Reviews

London Camera Exchange will relocate its Manchester store to a new location, closer to the city’s center.

London Camera Exchange is one of the oldest photography-related chain stores in the UK. Although other companies have failed to compete against online retailers, LCE has managed to prevail and has decided to move its Manchester city store to a new site on 16 Cross Street, a more central location in the city that should attract more visitors.

LCE purchased a former Jacobs store and opted against opening it as a second store in Manchester. Managing Director, Nick Richens, said that there was no point in having two stores in the same city, therefore moving the store to “a more visible position” was the obvious choice.

London Camera Exchange’s competition is dying fast

Mr. Richens added that the company had been helped by the “death” of Jacobs, a retailer which focused on selling imaging products. LCE’s new location was actually a Jacobs property until last year, when the retailer closed down all of its stores.

Another favorable factor for establishing its position in Manchester was triggered by Jessops’ administration. This is just another chain of camera stores which has recently closed its business. After having filed for administration in January 2013, Jessops closed down its stores. The company’s assets and brand were bought by a team of people, including Peter Jones CBE, the star of the Dragons’ Den TV show.

LCE’s Managing Director saw the demise of both companies as an opportunity to establish a firm position in Manchester. Both Jessops and Jacobs had physical stores in the city, meaning that London Camera Exchange’s competition was dramatically reduced.

The new store will open its doors for visitors as of February 26th, 2013, on 16 Cross Street, Manchester. Currently, LCE has 28 stores open across the UK. The business was started in the mid-1950s in Guilford. Company officials did not comment whether other stores will be opened this year.

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