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Looking for examples for upcoming MCP Action sets


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Once again I am looking for examples.  This time I am looking for something a little bit different.

My new sets are storyboard actions.  They are so fun and are going to save photographers time and help them sell big prints.

What I am looking for is series of photos that tell a story.  The examples on my site will be small – but I want some that do not just show blank insert areas.

If you have any groups of photos – can be as little as 2 and as much as 10, please email me at  Please attach your already edited photos (for these I do not want SOOC but ones that already look processed).  I would like them resized and sharpened for web since they will be shrunk even further to go into the storyboards.  Make sure you note your photography name, website (so that I can add you to my credit page if your photos are chosen), and a note saying that MCP Actions has permission to use your photos.  I do not compensate for the use of your photos, but in exchange, your site gets listed on my website under contributors.

Some ideas of what I am looking for:

– any series of shots that tell a story

– a series of facial expressions

– series of baby body parts – such as feet, hands, etc

– really anything that works well in a storyboard or collage

The photos must be professional quality.  If you are not chosen, do not take it personally.  They need to fit well into the specific storyboards and collages I am looking to use as samples.

Thank you,



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