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I am looking for some new samples for my website to show what my actions do.

I have a new set coming out and need more examples for it, plus may add fresh ones for a few of the other sets.

If you are interested in submitting work to be displayed as examples on my site, I need a letter with permission, a link to your photography studio’s site so that I can give you credit on my main page, and the photos. I need SOOC jpeg shots. If you shoot RAW, I need them converted with NO changes in exposure or anything else, except white balance if it was off.

My email is It can only accept 10MB at a time, so if you have a few photos you want considered, please look at the size and see if they need to be broken up into more than one email.

Also – not everything will be chosen since I want a large sampling of types of photos for my site. Also – I will keep files on email if I do not use them now, in case I develop an action set in the future where the photo may be appropriate.

Thanks again!!!


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