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Lost Canon PowerShot camera found after six years and 6,000-mile trip


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A Georgia-based woman found her camera six years after she had lost it in the waters surrounding the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Lindsay Scallan went on vacation to Maui back in 2007. She wanted to visit Hawaii and go scuba diving as well as to capture photos of the ocean life.

lost-canon-powershot-camera Lost Canon PowerShot camera found after six years and 6,000-mile trip Fun

Lost Canon PowerShot camera found in Taiwan after six years. The camera traveled more than 6,000 miles from Hawaii and it managed to “survive” thanks to its underwater housing.

Hawaii tourist lost her Canon PowerShot camera

The Newnan, Georgia-based woman’s vacation in Hawaii was great, but she lost something in the waters of the Pacific: her Canon PowerShot camera, which contained all of the photos of her trip.

Unfortunately, she could not retrieve the camera during the scuba diving trip in the Kaanapali. Even though Lindsay had returned to the shore, the camera did not show up. Eventually, she went back to Georgia and said goodbye to the Canon shooter forever.

Lost camera washed up on the shores of Taiwan

Well, the “never say never” expression is “very” true for Scallan as her camera has been found in Taiwan. The Canon PowerShot appeared on the shores of Taiwan, where it was retrieved by an employee of the China Airlines company.

Nobody knew that the camera had traveled more than six thousand miles in about six years. The camera has been found by Douglas Cheng and the product still had its underwater housing on. Although it was not in perfect condition, China Airlines employees decided to look through the photos and look for clues.

They discovered images containing the Teralani 3 catamaran and they traced the boat all the way to Maui. The bureau of a Hawaii tour operator found that the owner of the camera is Lindsay Scallan, who took a trip to Maui back in August 2007.

canon-powershot-camera-owner Lost Canon PowerShot camera found after six years and 6,000-mile trip Fun

This is one of the photos which allowed the China Airlines employee to find the owner of the lost Canon PowerShot camera.

Owner still waiting to reunite with her stray Canon PowerShot

China Airlines contacted the tourist and offered to pay for a trip to Taiwan, in order to return the camera to her. However, Scallan politely refused, stating that she got a new job about a week ago, therefore she cannot leave yet.

For the time being, it is great that the Canon PowerShot camera has been retrieved and the two will definitely meet once again in the near future.

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