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Low-end Sony FE-mount camera rumored to be announced soon


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The Sony A9 E-mount mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor is now rumored to be a low-end shooter instead of a high-end model, like previously believed.

The curious minds of internet users have recently found out that Sony has registered a new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera at Postel, an Indonesian agency where device makers need to register their products before releasing them on the local market.

Postel has been a good place to look for future product for a long time. As stated above, the latest company to register a device on the agency’s website is Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has registered a camera codenamed “WW024382”, a similar code used to identify the A7, A7R, and A7S full frame mirrorless cameras.

The initial speculation was pointing out to a high-end FE-mount shooter. However, a source, who has decided to remain unknown, has revealed that this is actually a low-end Sony FE-mount camera which will most likely be cheaper than any model of the current FE-mount line-up.

Sony to announce entry-level mirrorless camera with full frame sensor soon

low-end-sony-fe-mount-camera Low-end Sony FE-mount camera rumored to be announced soon Rumors

This is the low-end Sony FE-mount camera, that looks like a NEX-5 camera, which has been patented in the past by the PlayStation maker. The model could be announced prior to the Photokina 2014.

The new rumors are making much more sense than the older ones. One of the main reasons for that is that the A7R is already a high-end model and the general consensus is that it does not need to be replaced.

It features a 36.4-megapixel sensor among others and it would be quite hard to top that for the time being.

Furthermore, Sony has previously patented an interchangeable lens camera with a full frame sensor that looks like a NEX-5-series camera, so this may well be the patented device.

By the looks of it, the new shooter will offer very few features, when compared to its bigger siblings, and it may even lack a built-in electronic viewfinder. This will be done in order to cut down the costs and to put full frame capabilities in the hands of the masses.

Low-end Sony FE-mount camera will probably not be called Sony A9

In the wake of the new gossip talks, it is highly unlikely that the low-end Sony FE-mount camera will be sold under the “A9” name. Another name will be chosen and some say that it would make sense to keep the “A7” series going. Nevertheless, these are all rumors and it would be unwise to make more predictions without more evidence.

Surely, inside sources have repeatedly said that we will see more Sony mirrorless cameras with full frame sensors this year. The A7S is already here, so we might expect another one to be launched soon. Stick with us for more information!

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