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Lytro cameras receive WiFi support and Mobile app for iPhone


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Lytro has announced that its light-field photography cameras have received a firmware update, enabling the devices’ dormant WiFi capabilities.

For those who are unaware of the subject, Lytro is a company which has developed a special type of digital cameras, allowing photographers to refocus their shots after taking them. It gives users the possibility of changing the perspective of a photo, meaning that they will never miss any of their shots.

Lytro cameras are very small and they cannot capture images at very high qualities. However, this unique ability makes them very desirable, prompting smartphone makers to investigate such technologies.

lytro-mobile-iphone Lytro cameras receive WiFi support and Mobile app for iPhone News and Reviews

Lytro has killed two birds with one stone by enabling dormant WiFi capabilities in its light-field photography cameras and releasing a Mobile application for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Lytro cameras finally get WiFi support

The company has pushed the 8GB and 16GB models to the first buyers in late 2011, while mass-production has begun in early 2012. Ever since the Lytro cameras have been released on the market, they featured built-in WiFi chipsets.

This means that the Lytro shooters have just become better as now they can share multimedia content via WiFi to iOS devices. From now on, photographers will have to forget about connecting the cameras to a PC using the USB cable, as WiFi is much easier to use.

Lytro releases Mobile app for iOS devices

According to the company, users can share the images on its website or upload them on a WiFi-connected computer. Moreover, a mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is now available for download.

The Lytro Mobile app is pretty similar to the desktop version. It allows camera owners to change the focus using Perspective Shift technology, add captions, as well as geo-tagging data. After that, the images are ready to be shared on Facebook and Twitter, or via email and MMS.

Lytro Mobile app allows users to create animated GIFs

A new feature of the mobile application consists of the ability to create GIFs. The animated files can be created by refocusing or changing the perspective shift. Selecting both options will add two new files to your image collection.

Lytro Mobile can be downloaded on iOS devices at the iTunes Store. Amazon is selling Lytro 8GB for $399, while the 16GB version costs $499.

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