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Cute photos of toddler performing “Madd Stunts”


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US-based photographer Brandon Hill is showing the stunts pulled by his son Maddex in the “Madd Stunts” project, consisting of photoshopped portraits of an infant boy turned into a daredevil.

Everybody knows that welcoming a child in your family changes you. Being a parent is life-long dream for many people and it seems like Brandon Hill is enjoying his role as a father. However, this does not mean that Brandon must stop doing what he loves: taking photos.

The photographer is based in Seattle, where he captures impressive portraits of his infant son, called Maddex. However, the artist does not take regular portraits of his boy. Instead, he is using Photoshop in order to put Maddex in dangerous scenarios, in an attempt to celebrate his childhood.

Photographer photoshops his infant son in dangerous scenarios

Brandon Hill is portraying his son as a daredevil, who is not afraid of taking new challenges despite his youth. Maddex can be seen riding a scooter, climbing his bed or even trees, and break-dancing on the table for the “Madd Stunts” photo series.

The image project title is not only a wordplay to show the madness of his stunts, but also to include his nickname. Thankfully, the stunts are not actually real, as Maddex is not a superhuman. In fact, the assistant of his father is the one positioning him on the sets.

In addition to cleverly-created sets, Brandon Hill is also making use of Adobe Photoshop, which means that Maddex is always in safe hands. All the photo shoots have been carried off without any issues and the little boy has not been harmed.

“Madd Stunts” is a series of ongoing adventures for Brandon Hill’s son, Maddex

The Seattle-based photographer says that this photo series is an attempt to celebrate the childhood of Maddex. Moreover, it is a way for Brandon Hill to try and guess what profession his son will choose when he grows up.

Either way, it is pretty hard for any father to imagine what his son will be when he grows up, but it is worth trying to inspire him during his childhood. Maddex is too young to understand what his father is doing, so he believes that they are playing and he is laughing all the time.

Whatever the future may hold for Brandon’s son, the artist is trying to make his childhood as worth-remembering as possible, so the “Madd Stunts” series will continue to exist. The full series can be checked out at the photographer’s official website.

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