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Mother bonds with daughter in “Malice of Alice” photo project


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Photographer Kelly Lewis has created the “Malice of Alice” project consisting of portraits of her adopted daughter, named Alice, cosplaying her favorite fictional characters.

In 2012, James and Kelly Lewis adopted a 7-year-old girl, who had already gone through six families. The pair says that they have taken this decision in order to inspire more families to adopt older children.

Just before she turned eight, the little girl decided to change her name into Alice, after her favorite character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” novel.

It is pretty difficult for a child to bond with a new family after going through six other families, but cosplay and photography has made it easy for Alice and Kelly to do it.

Kelly Lewis is a professional photographer, while now-10-year-old Alice is on her way to become a professional model and cosplayer. The result is called “Malice of Alice” and it consists of a great photo series of the little girl portraying various characters from movies, books, and comics.

Photographer Kelly Lewis bonding with her daughter in the “Malice of Alice” photo series

“Malice of Alice” has started with the 10-year-old girl cosplaying Alice and shooting photos in various scenes that look like they were taken straight out of “Wonderland”.

The artist says that one of the photos has been captured in the same courthouse where the adoption process has been completed.

The series has been expanded with other characters, such as Carrie White, Wonder Woman, Edward Scissorhands, Joan of Arc, Dorothy, and Hit-Girl.

Photographer Kelly Lewis is describing the photo project as the “misadventures of a little girl adopted into a mad world”.

Nevertheless, Alice is enjoying what she is doing and she says that she wants to become a model or an actress when she grows up.

Modeling helped Alice to cope with her misfortunes

Kelly Lewis says that Alice has a rich imagination and that cosplaying has helped her dealing with all the sadness and sorrow of her childhood. “Malice of Alice” allows her to express herself and to become “whoever she wants”.

The artist is constantly updating the “Malice of Alice” project with new photos. Additionally, the adoption story of the little cosplayer can be found at the project’s website, where viewers can also find more information and images.

This is a great series with a beautiful story behind it and it could serve as a source of inspiration for parents aiming to bond with their children.

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