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“Man on Earth” reminds us how lonely we are in a crowded world


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Photographer Rupert Vandervell immortalizes the human shape in a series of monochrome photos depicting people against the ever-changing background of the contemporary city.

Street photography can be breathtakingly beautiful, especially when it is done by a talented photographer. Rupert Vandervell is aiming to strike doubt into the minds and hearts of the viewers using an image collection entitled “Man on Earth”, which has received a lot of attention as well as praises on the web.

abandoned "Man on Earth" reminds us how lonely we are in a crowded world Exposure

A man walking alone around an abandoned place. Credits: Rupert Vandervell.

Rupert Vandervell creates “Man on Earth” project to portray humans against the changing urban background

Although the project appears to be focused on street photography, abandoned buildings, and mysterious places, the photographer says that he is aiming to concentrate on the “human factor”.

Vandervell claims that this is about the humans on Earth, who are moving through a constant-changing backdrop of the modern environment. Upon delving into the project, viewers will probably notice that the photographer has been right all along.

bus-stop "Man on Earth" reminds us how lonely we are in a crowded world Exposure

Woman sitting under a light at a bus stop. Credits: Rupert Vandervell.

We are lonely in an over-crowded world

Rupert Vandervell has done a great job in portraying solitary figures against abandoned urban backgrounds. These photos demonstrate that humans are lonely, despite the fact that modern cities have reached critical crowding points.

The “Man on Earth” project successfully manages to stimulate a viewer’s mind and shows the viewer that such isolation moments are possible.

Unfortunately, the photographer does not mention the location of these monochrome images. They could have provided important minutes of recollection for people who want to be alone, but do not want to leave the modern city behind.

Anyway, these places might seem familiar to a lot of folks, who could recognize them and go on a field trip to share a brief moment of isolation.

black-bars "Man on Earth" reminds us how lonely we are in a crowded world Exposure

“Man on Earth” project is focused on the human factor, not on the ever-changing environment. Tall buildings are shaping the lights and shadows that fall on the subject. In this case, a man is sitting behind black bars. Credits: Rupert Vandervell.

Lighting and shadows are mostly provided by tall buildings

Vandervell also shows how small we truly are compared to the skyscrapers, which are our destination for eight hours a day. The shadows and lighting are shaped by tall buildings. However, one shot shows a woman sitting at a bus stop surrounded by darkness and illuminated by a light bulb.

All things considered, the entire collection is a bit spooky, as the tone of the photos is obscure. This is why the photographer has achieved his goal, as “Man on Earth” is sure to stir a lot of feelings in the minds of the beholders.

The full set of shots is available at the London-based photographer’s personal webpage, where users can also order books and prints.

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