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Manfrotto announces KLYP iPhone 5 case, app, and PIXI tripod


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Manfrotto releases a new KLYP iPhone 5 case that offers a functional, yet classy, way for attaching any camera support.

The KLYP iPhone 5 case comes together with a PIXI tripod, additional LED light to be mounted on the top of the KLYP case, and a useful app designed to help users take photos by clapping their hands. Manfrotto makes the PIXI tripod compatible with many DSLR cameras.

manfrotto-klyp-and-pixi Manfrotto announces KLYP iPhone 5 case, app, and PIXI tripod News and Reviews

Manfrotto KLYP iPhone 5 case, LED lights, and PIXI tripod

KLYP iPhone 5 case gets improved by KLYPAPP and Manfrotto LED lights

The KLYP case features a ¼ thread and two clip-on connectors. Buyers can choose an additional ML240 LED light that fits the top of the case.

The price of a KLYP case varies according to the chosen combination. All in all, the price tag starts at $39. The additional light may increase the price a little.

Manfrotto LED lights seem to be worth the money. The quality of images and videos is improved by a soft light, marketed by Manfrotto, to be good enough to cancel red eye effect and to offer 82% color consistency and 5600K color temperature.

The KLYPAPP is free to download and use. Designed specifically for the KLYP iPhone case, this application takes photos at the sound of clapping hands. This turns useful when you want to be next to your friends in a picture. In addition to that, the KLYPAPP facilitates the process of sharing photos through various social networks.

PIXI tripod is versatile enough to become a comfortable grip

With an Italian styling, the PIXI tripod from Manfrotto is small enough to fit in a bag. Obviously stable, its arms and thread screw open at the touch of a button.

The price of the Manfrotto mini tripod equals that of the KLYP iPhone 5 case: $39. While promoted as a good fit for this case, it is also compatible with many DSLRs, as it integrates a ¾ thread screw.

The PIXI tripod weights only 230g and measures 18cm when closed. Rubber and stainless steel go into the fabrication of it. The grip won’t be thus a problem. And the money for it seems to be a long-term investment.

Tripod to grip transformation is easy. All you have to do is close the legs of it and start recording events or great moments with your friends.

Manfrotto is an Italian based company specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of camera and light accessories, such as tripods, heads and lighting stands.

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