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I received an email today from a customer of mine who purchased the storyboard actions recently.  It helped me realize that another tutorial was in order to teach customers how to get more creative with the storyboard actions. 

Here was her email:

“Hey Jodi…just wanted to share the attached with you…I was playing around with your storyboards (with stock photos).  These are an awesome tool and so adjustable! I changed the matting color to match the flowers in the bouquet (thank you for your coloring book actions, also used here), added a pattern to the matte (staying in the same color palette) and added a small stroke around the option borders to give a little more dimension to the borders. This literally took 2 minutes, thanks to your actions. Just thought I would share…I am not sure that everyone checking out your boards realizes how creative you can get with these!!”

So inspired by this, I have made a part 2 to my video tutorial for people who purchase the MCP Tell a Storyboard Actions.  If you already purchased the actions and want a link to the new video, just email me.  The video will teach you how to add a pattern, texture or scrapbook paper to the storyboard (where the black or white is now) and will teach you how to add a gradient and even a new way to add color.

Thank you Gina!  Here is the storyboard Gina made and sent me:

wedding-storyboard MCP Actions customer gets creative Announcements Photoshop Actions


If you have purchased any of my actions and want to share creative uses of them to inspire me and MCP customers, please email me.  I love seeing your work.  You also can share on my flickr group and start posts there letting people see your work and know how you accomplished it.

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