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MCP Actions is in Rangefinder (A Free Photography Magazine)


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Rangefinder magazine interviewed Rena Durham, a celebrity photographer of teenage stars in Hollywood.  In the August issue of the free magazine for photographers, Rena had similar information and advice as in the article she wrote for MCP Actions: Celebrity Photography: How to Get Started in Event Photography.

Not only does she tell her story of how breaking into the niche, but she gives helpful hints on technical photography skills needed and advice on entering the celebrity photography industry.

In addition to the article that starts on page 12, she also did a Blueprint.  Though there’s no before image, I have attached a scanned copy of Rangefinder page 162 – detailing her step by step edit.  She discusses what MCP Photoshop actions she used and how they save her time.  Her favorite Photoshop action sets are All in the Details and Fusion. She explains that she’s “found them (MCP Actions) to be a real time saver. I love using them.”   So next time you look at her work, or you use your MCP Photoshop Actions, you can smile knowing a teen celebrity may have the same ones atop their photos too.

rangefinder-600px MCP Actions is in Rangefinder (A Free Photography Magazine) Blueprints Photoshop Actions


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