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MCP Project 52: The Final Week


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We made it!  3965 members, 15,398 photos and 52 weeks later we have reached the end of MCP Project 52.  It is New Years Eve and what a perfect time to look back over our 52 weeks together and celebrate what made this project so special.  This week we want to focus on some of those who have been with the project since the beginning.

As a reminder here are all 52 of our themes.

All-P52-themes MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

First up are 5 of our participants who have taken and submitted a photo to the group every week, we asked them to select their own favourite photo and to tell us why they chose it.

From our Week 31 theme “Sky” this stunning capture was taken by sstych. Sstych selected this photo as her favourite from 2011 saying “I love the colors and the clouds. It was my first attempt at photographing lighting…something I have always admired but never tried to do until this project. Living in AZ, I’ve come to appreciate a good thunderstorm…so this photo makes me happy! :)”
6007461766_67e8bee7de MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

From the Week 45 theme “Book Title” Roger’s Wife selected this photo called A Christmas Carol.  “I chose this one because a) it seems to fit well with the mood of the season, and b) it is one of my more recent photos and I really like the way it turned out. When I joined this project I was really only picking up a camera seriously for the first time. I’ve made huge strides this year, thanks in part to all the inspiration and interaction this kind of group/project makes possible. So glad I could be a part!”
6329781920_1a8940bbfc_z MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Julieamankin went to the Week 24 theme “Make It Tasty.” “I was surprised and pleased how it turned out, I don’t know photoshop, I use Picnik. I hadn’t played around much with the different types of processing, before. Yes, I drank every bottle by myself.”
5822539596_c934715090_z MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Shananna83 chose Week 6 “Words” for her favourite photo.  “I just love this photo and the quote by Ansel Adams I typed on the paper. I have a shop on etsy selling save the dates and we used another version of this same photo to make a vintage love letter save the date which has been really popular.  This 52 week project has been such an awesome experience for me. I love it and I want to remain taking a photo a week after this year is over. ”
5434639243_4bc54b196a MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Week 3 “Shades of Gray” was the choice of KathrynDJI “I chose this image because I like the lighting, the creamy gray tones, the bokeh, and the beauty of the reverent pose of the figures.”
5479917328_21e7a64bf2_z MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

And we couldn’t let the year finish without mentioning our 5 moderators who have tirelessly looked after our Flickr group and helped put these blog posts together throughout the year.  We asked them to chose their favourite Project 52 photo as well.

Marieke Broekman our Dutch ex-pat living in New Zealand chose this photo from Week 7 “Open your heart”  “It’s my favourite because what I said almost a year ago still applies now. I don’t know, maybe I am imagining it but there seems to be a different dynamic in our house since we got the cats. More love, understanding, caring and gentleness. And of course because it’s a damn cute picture! He’s all grown now but he’s still pretty cute and we love him to bits. And he still has that somewhat puzzled look on his face most of the time. He’s not the brightest cat in this world. We often say he’s a bit thick (meant lovingly). Sure provides us with hours of entertainment though and a lot of laughs!”
5456965481_b1a5d70bb7_b MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Haleigh Rohner Phoenix photographer and owner of Fanciful Frames went for “Fusion” from Week 14. “This photo is my favorite because it’s very different from the typical “beauty” type of portrait that I do. When presented with the topic of Fusion, I was completely stumped and I was excited to come up with something out of the box that applied to the theme.”
5592296189_bd78c0a905_z MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Lisa Otto our moderator from the US sunshine state of Florida where she runs both photography and boudior photography businesses chose Week 16 Furry Friends. ‘The last half of this year has been extremely hectic.  From me getting busier (which is a blessing), to my son’s knee surgery and then life in general, watching this one just let the world spin around him without a care in the world makes me realize that every once in a while, you really do need to stop and relax a bit’
5624949995_f1114212d1 MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

Anna Francken is Dutch and lives in Utrecht where she is a hobbyist photographer, Anna chose Week 41 “Architecture” as her favourite. “P52 started for me when Rebecca, who I met on a photography forum suggested it to me to participate. I was stuck on the same level and didn’t have any challenge. I only took my camera with me on vacation and some other occasions. Today I have my camera with me every day.  This picture was made in Prague. I met fellow moderator Rebecca there with some other European girls who love to take photographs too. All weekend we were talking about photography. We had a great time. I enjoyed this P52 project. I hope I will see you all next year. I wish you all the best for 2012 and hope that you have a great photographic journey in 2012.”
6237960691_1104db3cbf_z MCP Project 52: The Final Week Activities Assignments Project 52

And last but never least Rebecca Spencer our tea drinking English moderator chose “How Other’s See You” from Week 15. “I chose this photo as I had such a laugh putting it together and encouraged by my friends in the Project 52 group I put together a tutorial on how I made the photo which is something I never would have thought of doing before.”  You can find Rebecca’s tutorial here.

So that’s it, time for us to leave 2011 and our MCP Project 52 behind. As seems so appropriate I will leave the last words to Jodi, the lady who started this wonderful project and brought us all together in the first place.

I want to thank all of you who participated in the 2011 MCP Project 52. Whether you challenged yourself every week from the start, joined in later, or just engaged in a few themes, we hope MCP Project 52 inspired you and helped you grow as a photographer.  I loved seeing all the amazing images from around the world. Each and every one of you added something special to the whole project.

I want to give big, huge thank yous to the moderators who helped make MCP Project 52 possible.  It would have been impossible for me to do this alone – in fact my main role was spreading the word and getting exposure.  Their long hours, creative ideas, and dedication are what actually made this such a success.  So… THANK YOU!

Many of you are probably wondering “will there be another Project 52 in 2012?”  The answer, “not exactly.”  We have a new twist – something very exciting coming in 2012. Mark your calendars for January 1st, 2012 to learn exactly how Project 52 is evolving in 2012.  You won’t want to miss out.

Here’s to a great new year of capturing memories.

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  1. Rebecca Weaver on December 31, 2011 at 5:31 am

    I too want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the moderators. They are all wonderful ladies who put in a lot of time and effort to make this a great and very enjoyable learning experience for the participants. I’ll say it again – I’m so glad I joined!And it’s special to be picked as a feature on this last week of the year. Thanks again!’Roger’s Wife’

  2. Shannon Stych on December 31, 2011 at 7:24 am

    I agree with everything that Rebecca said above! THANK YOU to the moderators! Your time and effort is much appreciated! I feel honored to be picked on the final week! It was such a fun project and I’m so happy to have completed it!THANKS!!!Shannon Stych

  3. lisa Wiza on December 31, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Thank you To All Who Have Run This Project, i joined in the summer and have loved Every week! It has Also helped me to involve my husband and kids in my photography. The week i got featured they were as excited as me lol!! so thank you and happy new year!!

  4. Charleen on December 31, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Gorgeous photos! Congratulations to everyone who posted each week. I want to thank you for heading up this endeavor and to the rest of the moderators for their hard work. Even though I didn’t keep up with the assignments it really helped me to broaden my skills and to appreciate how much thought goes into a good composition. Happy New Year!!

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