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MeiKe MK-310 is a cheap flash master for Canon/Nikon users


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MeiKe has announced a new Speedlite commander for Canon and Nikon flash guns in the body of the MK-310, which is now available for purchase on US soil.

The perks of technological advancements is that others can replicate what others are doing, do a better job at it, and sometimes charge even less money for it.

MeiKe may not be an exact match for the above description, but its products are certainly worth mentioning. The company has just launched a low-end TTL flash gun that doubles as a master for Canon and Nikon Speedlites. It’s called MK-310 and it has already been released in the US.

meike-mk-310 MeiKe MK-310 is a cheap flash master for Canon/Nikon users News and Reviews

MeiKE MK-310 is a new TTL flash commander for Canon and Nikon cameras. It is available right now for a price around $80.

MeiKe introduces MK-310 as a TTL flash gun which doubles as a flash master

The MeiKe MK-310 is great because it is a compact product. It can be mounted onto a DSLR’s hotshoe and it can take the role of a flash. This is helpful when you are not happy with the light output by the camera’s flash, so you can use this affordable product which provides a GN of 32.

Beside the fact that Canon or Nikon do not have such compact flashes in their portfolio, another major advantage of the MeiKe MK-310 is that it can also serve as Speedlite master, as stated above.

This means that, if you do not own a radio trigger to control one or more flash guns, then this tiny product is perfect for you. Furthermore, it does not have huge power requirements as two AA batteries will suffice.

MeiKe MK-310 supports all Nikon/Canon DSLRs and almost all mirrorless cameras

MeiKe is claiming that it is very easy to take control over Canon or Nikon Speedlites and use the TTL flash / commander. There is a screen on the MK-310 along with a bunch of buttons which will help you sync multiple flash guns among others.

The manufacturer is claiming that its new flash/commander is compatible with all DSLR and mirrorless cameras from Canon as well as with all Nikon DSLRs. Some 1-series MILCs are supported, too, with the exception of “V” cameras, as these shooters do not feature CLS Commander support.

It is worth noting that MeiKe MK-310’s only major drawback is its limited range when compared to conventional radio triggers. Either way, it supports maximum shutter speeds of 1/8000th of a second in master mode and comes with a recycle time of six seconds.

If we’ve got you curious, then you can buy one at Amazon for the amazing price of a penny under $80.

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