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Memoto to be called Narrative Clip and ship in November


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Memoto has announced the change of its brand name into Narrative, while its Kickstarter-backed wearable camera will be called “Narrative Clip” from now on.

Dubbed as the smallest wearable camera in the world, Memoto has raised more than half-a-million dollars on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Users have been impressed by this device, which can be attached to a piece of clothing or worn as a necklace, as it can capture the action in front of them. Memoto is a life-blogging device, taking images at regular time intervals.

The camera is almost ready to ship to the people who have donated on Kickstarter, but some actions must be performed before that. Citing trademark issues, the company has decided to change its brand, as well as the name of the camera.

narrative-clip Memoto to be called Narrative Clip and ship in November News and Reviews

Narrative Clip has been chosen to be the new name of the Memoto wearable camera.

Memoto changes the name of its wearable camera to Narrative Clip, following trademark concerns

The company will be referred to as Narrative from now, CEO Martin Kallstrom said. Furthermore, the Memoto camera is now called Narrative Clip, following trademark concerns.

Marketing VP, Oskar Kalmaru, has revealed that “Memoto” is a tag which “could not be used on a global scale”. Internally, it is seen as a major blow as all employees have grown fond of this brand.

Nevertheless, a new tag has been chosen fairly quickly, as it better depicts what the product is all about: narrating the story of an individual. The company is hoping that Kickstarter backers will not be deterred in any way by this change.

Narrative secures $3 million in funding

Beside the new name, Narrative has also secured $3 million in funding, courtesy of True Ventures. The same venture capital firm has helped other start-up companies on the way, such as FitBit and MakerBot.

True Ventures co-founder, Phil Black, has revealed that he is pleased to have helped funding Narrative, as the Clip is an exciting product, just like other projects backed by the investment firm.

Narrative Clip to begin shipping as of November 1

If you missed the first round of Kickstarter pre-orders, then you should not miss the second one. The Narrative Clip is available for pre-order right now at the company’s official website with November 1 as the shipping date.

The price of the device stands at $279, which is $80 more than the original Kickstarter amount of $199. Other than that, Narrative Clip remains the same exciting product as Memoto.

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