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A couple in New York City has launched a Tumblr blog which consists of portrait photos of a sharp-dressed Shina Inu dog.

Many pet owners like to dress their beloved animals. They do this because they want to keep the cute creatures warm or simply because they like to have a “trendy” pet.

Well, no pet owner can compete with this New York City couple! Dave Fun and Yena Kim have started a Tumblr blog, with a Shina Inu as the protagonist.

New Yorkers launch Tumblr blog consisting of sharp-dressed dog’s photos

Shina Inu is a dog species from Japan. He is relatively small, hence agile, and he likes rough terrains. Even though he was bred for hunting purposes, this particular specimen will only go hunting for female dogs, thanks to his owners.

The Shina Inu has its own blog, where he presents the latest fashion in clothing. His owners like to dress the dog in multiple ways and to take pictures of the whole deal. The images are then posted on a Tumblr blog called Menswear Dog, which is becoming more and more popular among fellow tumblerers.

The stylish dog is only three years old and he seems to enjoy all photo shoots. In addition to that, he can actually pose for a photo, better than some human male models.

Although a lot of Tumblr users are enjoying the idea, some think that it is very weird. However, we really hope that PETA will not enter the fray, as it does not seem like this dog has been mistreated. Actually, this Shina Inu may be the best treated dog in the whole world.

Menswear Dog’s clothing was purchased only from popular brands

The clothes worn by the Shina Inu are all bought from popular and expensive clothing brands. The dog owners were kind enough to share links to the items in the photos and other accessories that go along with them.

The Menswear Dog is a sharp-dressed dog that enjoys all stylish things. His other interests include sniffing female dog bottoms and spending a lot of time around SoHo, in New York City. However, the dog does not like to wash his selvage denim.

Anyway, one thing is certain: this dog is dressed better than many people.

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