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Metabones launches Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds adapter


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Metabones has introduced a new Speed Booster that will allow Micro Four Thirds users to attach Canon EF lenses to their mirrorless cameras.

Photographers are never happy with lens availability no matter which cameras they are using. Most of them will always want more, but this is a human condition, so it should not be considered a flaw.

If you own a Micro Four Thirds camera and want more lenses, then consider yourself lucky as Metabones has launched a new Speed Booster which allows you to mount Canon EF lenses on your shooters.

metabones-spef-m43-bm1 Metabones launches Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds adapter News and Reviews

This is the Metabones SPEF-m43-BM1 Speed Booster. It allows Micro Four Thirds camera owners to mount Canon EF lenses on their shooters.

Metabones introduces Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster

The adapters released by Metabones have received lots of praises from the users. Usually, they will increase the maximum aperture of a lens and they will allow photographers to attach optics from other lens mounts.

The latest product in the company’s line-up is codenamed SPEF-m43-BM1 and it consists of a Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds adapter.

As said multiple times by now, you can get a EF-mount optic and attach it to your mirrorless camera featuring a Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Metabones’ Speed Booster widens the lens, increases its aperture, and supports data communication

According to Metabones, its latest Speed Booster increases MTF, widens the lens by 0.71x, and increases the maximum aperture by one f-stop.

These are all great, but the most important part is that it comes with electronic contacts, meaning that the aperture can be set directly from the camera.

Additionally, lenses with image stabilization are supported, too. The company has confirmed that the photos will record EXIF data, including aperture and focal length settings.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the adapter will support all EF-mount lenses. This includes the models made by Sigma, Tokina, Tamron, and other third-party manufacturers.

Autofocus and lens corrections are not supported

Potential suitors should be aware that this Metabones Speed Booster does not support autofocus. This means that users will have to focus manually. Moreover, EF-S lenses are not supported by the adapter.

The company has also confirmed that lens corrections are not supported either. This includes distortion, chromatic aberration, and peripheral shading.

Metabones added that your Micro Four Thirds camera may not recognize the maximum aperture of a zoom lens made by third parties. However, the information can be easily registered and users should not encounter any problems after performing this action.

More information about this product and the ability to order the Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds adapter are available on Metabones’ website.

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