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Metabones Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster unveiled


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Metabones has announced a new Speed Booster, an adapter allowing photographers to attach Canon FD lenses to their Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Speed Boosters are very common these days. Metabones has developed several of them, giving photographers the ability to attach all sorts of lenses to all sorts of cameras.

A new model is now available and it brings great news to Micro Four Thirds users. If you have an MFT system, then you will be able to mount Canon FD optics on your shooter, which significantly expand your photographic possibilities.

micro-four-thirds-speed-booster Metabones Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster unveiled News and Reviews

Metabones has announced a Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster so that photographers can attach Canon FD lenses to their Panasonic and Olympus cameras.

Metabones launches Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster

Metabones has officially announced that its latest Speed Booster manages to raise the maximum aperture by one f-stop, while also increasing the MTF.

Furthermore, the Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds adapter will magnify the lens by 0.71x. There is a special tripod mount on the booster, allowing photographers to set the system on Arca Swiss and Markins ball heads.

The glass has been developed by Caldwell Photographic in order to provide the highest possible optical quality and to meet the demands of the users.

More than 130 Canon FD lenses for your MFT system with a small adapter

The Canon FD mount has been launched in early 1971. It was aimed at 35mm SLR cameras from the Japanese corporation, serving it for about 20 years.

As 1987 has arrived, it has brought the EF mount with it and has started a process of replacing FD. The FD has been pronounced dead sometime in 1990 with the launch of the T60, which remains the latest SLR to support the FD mount.

During these decades, the manufacturer has launched more than 130 optics with focal lengths ranging between 7.5mm and 1,200mm. We would have seen these lenses for a longer period, but Canon has made the tough decision of switching to full-electronic systems in order to provide goodies such as autofocus in all of its optics.

Attaching FD optics to your Micro Four Thirds camera will set you back a dollar under $400

The Metabones Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster is coated in a matte-black material, which should cut down reflections and other optical aberrations. It is available for purchase at the company’s website for the price of $399.

Most people who have purchased Speed Boosters in the past are content with the quality of the products so at $399 and the possibility to attach 130 more lenses to your cameras should be very attractive.

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