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Metamorfoza: combined portraits of two different people


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Photographer Ino Zeljak has created an interesting photo project entitled Metamorfoza, which consists of portraits of two people merged into a single shot.

We often hear that we are unique, we are different, and there is nobody like us. However, we can be very similar to one another, depending on our vantage point. Photographer Ino Zeljak has decided to explore these ideas courtesy of his portrait photo series called Metamorfoza.

In Metamorfoza, two subjects, related or not related, are posing in front of the camera. After that, their portraits are combined into a single photo, resulting in subjects that look almost normal, until your brain realizes that something extraordinary is happening.

Ino Zeljak combines two portraits into a single shot in the “Metamorfoza” photo project

The artist captures portraits of two people, as stated above. The shots are then fused together and a single portrait will come out. Thanks to post-processing, Ino Zeljak will recreate the clothing and the hair of one subject into the other half of the shot.

Our faces may be more alike then we like to think, so it is easy to be fooled by these overlapped photos. If you scroll through them, then you might not observe anything out of the ordinary. However, your brain will compel you to do a double take and you will notice that something is really weird.

Eventually, viewers will notice that the eyes are different, sometimes of another color, the noses are way off, the facial hair is conflicting, while the lips are also not matching.

Surely, some subjects will appear more alike than others, so this is why you really need to pay a lot of attention to this photo series.

About artist Ino Zeljak

Ino Zeljak is a photographer based in Zagreb, Croatia. He has studied both photography and cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in his home country. Right now he is working as a freelance photographer, who is also quite good at retouching.

This is why the artist has decided to combine the two and to create the “Metamorfoza” project, that relies on heavy post-processing techniques.

Surely, most of the subjects are siblings, so the photographer’s job is a lot easier this way. Nevertheless, Ino Zeljak’s talent is undeniable, as well as the level of effort put into this.

More photos of this project can be found at Ino Zeljak’s personal Behance account, where you can also check out the artist’s other intriguing series.

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