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“Mini Style Hacker” series depicts a 4-year-old fashionista


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Photographer Collette Wixom has turned her 4-year-old son, called Ryker Wixom, into an internet sensation by taking photos of him recreating popular fashion photos.

Fashion photography is a very popular type of photography. The reason could consist of the fact that a lot of people are reading or checking out fashion magazines regularly. The way you dress seems to be very important these days, so more and more people are turning to fashion magazines, websites, and blogs for some styling advice.

Mother of two boys and photographer Collette Wixom has come up with a great idea that is driving thousands of followers to her Instagram account. Her project is called “Mini Style Hacker” and it mostly consists of photos of her 4-year-old son wearing fashion-approved outfits and recreating poses found in popular magazines.

“Mini Style Hacker” is a photo series of two kids recreating popular fashion shots

The whole project has begun quickly after a friend of Collette has showed her photos of the so-called “fashion kids” on the Instagram social network. A lot of people are posting photos of their children wearing expensive clothing that is “in fashion” for youngsters as well as adults.

As one would expect, these fashion kids are adorable, although children always look good in photos. It was not too long before Collette noticed that a kid was wearing “a Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes”.

Unfortunately, designer clothing is out of reach for Collette as well as millions of other moms, so she has decided to “hack” fashion photos and dress her 4-year-old son into similarly-looking clothes. Moreover, the clothing must be affordable, as Collette and her husband (just like you, me, and most people) cannot afford to buy designer clothes for their kids, while being able to finance college funds and pay the mortgage, too.

The whole idea has turned into “Mini Style Hacker”, which mostly consists of photos of Ryker Wixom, although the younger Grey Wixom also shows up in some photos. They are recreating popular fashion photos seen in magazines or on other websites and they are doing a great job.

How to get your 4-year-old son to dress like a fashionista and to pose like a true model

It was not easy to convince Ryker to become a model for her mom, said Collette. In fact, Ryker is not an actor, nor a model. He does not truly understand fashion at this age, so Collette has used her imagination.

The photographer says that she and Ryker are playing during the photo shoots. If Ryker poses for a shot with a hand in his pocket, then he is actually imagining that he is putting his laser gun into the holster.

Furthermore, if he is standing against a wall, then, in reality, he is trying to push the wall. Children are very active, so they will not want to spend very much time in a single place. This is why you will have to turn it into a fun activity for them, added Collette.

Well, all this play has paid off and Ryker is now a true “fashion kid”. The photographer has a website, too, and says that Mini Style Hacker is proving that you can stay in fashion without breaking a bank.

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