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Monodramatic: haunting photos of clones exploring the world


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Japan-based photographer Daisuke Takakura is the creator of an intriguing photo project, called Monodramatic, that consists of portraits of clones gathered in a single scene.

A lot of people may be aware of the fact that “clone photography” exists. It mainly consists of a photo of the same subject in various poses. Usually, the subject is “replicated” a handful of times, but artist Daisuke Takakura has decided to take it to the next level by offering dozens of clones within a single frame.

The photo series of the Japanese artist is named Monodramatic as a reference to theater shows that use one actor for their entire duration.

Portraits of clones being aware of one another in the haunting “Monodramatic” photo series

Monodramatic is a great example of clone photography and it is here to examine the “self” concept. Daisuke Takakura shows viewers what it would be like if they meet several versions of themselves.

People wonder what it would be like if this scenario became a reality and if all the clones were identical. However, the response would vary from person to person. Interestingly enough, the clones wear the same outfit, makeup, and hairstyle, so the artist may want to tell us that it is not like in the movies, where a clone is bad and another one is not.

Either way, the project is a thought experiment for your brain. If it happened to you, then how would you know who is the real one and who is a clone? For now, human cloning is a controversial topic and it will remain like this for a while.

The title chosen by the photographer is a reference to theater plays which use only one actor to play one or more roles, as stated above. One idea behind the project was to use the theater’s ability to send a powerful message to the audience.

Photographer Daisuke Takakura’s work has already been shown in solo exhibits

The artist was born in 1980 in Japan. He graduated law school in 2002, but he is more active in art than law.

Daisuke Takakura had his “Monodramatic” series featured at an art gallery in Tokyo last year and his “Various Life” series is being exhibited at the Factotum Gallery in Tokyo.

His work has been shown at other various events and exhibitions and has made him a finalist at a few contests.

More information about the photographer and more of his photos can be found at his personal website.

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