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More Sony A7RII rumors hinting at over 50-megapixel sensor


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The Sony A7RII full-frame mirrorless camera is once again rumored to have an image sensor with more than 50 megapixels, courtesy of a source who participated at NAB Show 2015.

Sony will replace the A7R in the near future. The rumors have started a long time ago and they have picked up the pace after the A7II, serving as the A7 successor, was announced in late 2014.

The full-frame mirrorless camera has been referred to as A7RII, while its specs list has been said to include a similar 36.4-megapixel sensor as its predecessor. The biggest improvement was said to consist of the on-sensor 5-axis image stabilization technology, which has also been added to the A7II.

Around the same time, the rumor mill was speaking about another Sony camera with a sensor featuring about 50 or more megapixels. Furthermore, Zeiss recently launched new FE-mount lenses, called Batis, and uploaded some photos on Flickr. One of the shots was cropped and had a 56-megapixel resolution, while the description said that it was captured with the A7R.

zeiss-56-megapixel-photo More Sony A7RII rumors hinting at over 50-megapixel sensor Rumors

A 56-megapixel photo, which may have been captured using the A7R, uploaded by Zeiss on its Flickr account.

As the A7R has a 36.4MP sensor, while the image has not been up-sized, it has led to the speculation that the A7RII has been the camera used for taking the photo and that it comes packed with a higher-resolution sensor. Now, more Sony A7RII rumors have showed up online and they are saying that the camera will have a sensor with more than 50 megapixels.

Fresh Sony A7RII rumors point at 50-megapixel or higher-resolution sensor

The information is coming from a person who says that he took part at the NAB Show 2015. It is unclear whether he is a vendor of some cameras, lenses, or accessories, but he is claiming to be friends with people selling Sony and Zeiss products among others.

It appears that one of them has revealed that the A7RII has a 50-megapixel sensor and that it is about three months away. This falls in line with the recently-leaked details, so this makes it a bit more believable.

Moreover, the release timeframe fits, too. The PlayStation maker will supposedly reveal the A7R successor in May or at the very beginning of June. NAB Show 2015 took place in around mid-April, so adding three months would result in a July 2015 release date.

All things considered, it makes sense, but these are gossip talks and they cannot be verified in any way, so you will still need to take them with a pinch of salt. More info could be on the way, so stick with us!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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