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More Canon 7D Mark II launch details revealed


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Canon is rumored to have begun sending invitations to special events that will take place in Germany this July where only Pro-grade dealers are invited, signalling the launch of an important camera, such as the Canon 7D Mark II.

The rumor mill has recently reported that Canon will stop manufacturing the 7D by the end of June, meaning that dealers will no longer receive new units as of the beginning of July.

The discontinuation of the 7D could be paving the way for a replacement, which means that the 7D Mark II will be announced five years after its predecessor.

canon-7d-mark-ii-rumor More Canon 7D Mark II launch details revealed Rumors

The Canon 7D, pictured here, is almost 5-years-old. Its replacement, the 7D Mark II, is rumored to be unveiled this August.

This is the most rumored camera ever, as sources have been leaking information about it for a long time. Most of it turned out to be untrue, but this year the DSLR’s launch is finally happening.

Sources in Germany are reporting that they have received invitations to special events that will occur in Germany where only Pro-level dealers are invited. The 7D Mark II will be introduced to the dealers first, while the official announcement will most likely take place in August.

Newly-leaked Canon 7D Mark II launch details hint at August announcement date

Whenever an important product is getting launched, a company will introduce it first to its dealers. Moreover, when only Pro-grade dealers are invited, it means that a prosumer shooter will be announced. In this case, the Canon 7D Mark II is the closest to fit the description.

The events have been scheduled to take place in July and only sources in Germany have confirmed them. However, it is very likely that the EOS camera maker will hold such events in multiple countries, as the high-end APS-C line-up is one of the most important of Canon’s entire series.

The 7D has been unveiled in 2009 with numerous innovative features, this being one of the reasons for its longevity. As a result, we can expect its replacement to also sport lots of cool stuff that will also be implemented in future Canon DSLRs.

Canon 7D replacement set for final testing at the 2014 World Cup

There are no leaked Canon 7D Mark II specs. Nevertheless, in the past it has been mentioned that the shooter will sport a 24-megapixel sensor and the next evolution of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

As the camera is set to be tested at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we are expecting even more Canon 7D Mark II launch details to be leaked in the near future.

For the time being, Amazon is selling the Canon 7D DSLR camera for a price around $1,800.

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