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More Fujifilm X-Pro2 specs and details leaked on the web


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The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is back in the rumor mill with sources revealing more specs and details about the mirrorless camera, which will replace the X-Pro1 as the flagship X-mount camera.

Another camera which is among gossipers’ favorites, beside the Canon 7D Mark II, is the so-called Fujifilm X-Pro2. The shooter is allegedly in development as a successor to the X-Pro1, which was released on the market in March 2012.

The Japan-based company has been rumored to launch an X-Pro1S version for a long time. It should have been an evolution of the flagship X-mount mirrorless camera. However, the manufacturer has decided to scrape these plans and to go “all in” with the X-Pro2, as revealed earlier this year.

As time is quickly passing by, inside sources have managed to leak more Fujifilm X-Pro2 specs, which will include an APS-C image sensor with a decent amount of megapixels.

Updated Fujifilm X-Pro2 specs list includes built-in WiFi and tilting LCD screen

fujifilm-x-pro1-replacement More Fujifilm X-Pro2 specs and details leaked on the web Rumors

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is rumored to feature a tilting display on the back, unlike its predecessor, the X-Pro1, which sports a fixed screen.

One of the most spread speculations has referred to the presence of a full frame organic sensor in the Fuji X-Pro1 replacement. Top-level sources have dismissed such claims, stating that the X-Pro2 will feature a non-organic APS-C sensor, just like its predecessor.

It is worth noting that the company’s representatives have previously said that the heir to the X-Pro1 will not employ a full frame sensor because the company would have to redo its lens line-up.

Moreover, the representatives have dismissed the organic sensor claims. They say that this technology is not ready to go mainstream, yet, so it may take a while before it is implemented in a Fuji shooter.

Getting back to the Fujifilm X-Pro2 specs list, the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will sport a 24-megapixel sensor based on X-Trans technology.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the device will come packed with WiFi and a tilting display. This is almost mandatory, as the X-T1 is also offering these features, so the upcoming flagship camera must respect its status.

Fuji to announce the X-Pro2 at Photokina 2014 and to release it in early 2015

This is beginning to sound like a promising camera, so it is natural to be curious about its release date. In the past we have heard that it will be unveiled at the Photokina 2014 and that it will be released in early 2015.

As it stands, the information is still valid, so we can expect Fujifilm to unveil the X-Pro2 at the world’s largest digital imaging event. Its release date is most likely set for February 2015 and the price remains unknown.

There is still enough time until the Photokina as well as until February 2015, so everything can change. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details and check out the Fuji X-Pro1 at Amazon, where it is available for about $1,000.

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