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Even more Fujifilm X30 specs and details have been leaked


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Inside sources have revealed more Fujifilm X30 specs and details along with a possible announcement date, which is said to take place on August 26.

A compact camera which has been said to be unveiled this summer is the Fujifilm X30. Sources have pointed out that this device is coming at the beginning of July, but they have quickly backtracked on this statement, claiming that the company will actually unveil the camera at the end of August.

During the past few weeks, more and more details about the X20 replacement have been leaked. Well, it is never enough, so newer information has just surfaced on the web, which includes the camera’s launch date: August 26.

fujifilm-x20-sensor Even more Fujifilm X30 specs and details have been leaked Rumors

The Fujifilm X20 will allegedly lend its 12-megapixel 2/3-inch-type image sensor to its replacement called X30.

Fujifilm to announce the X20 replacement on August 26

As stated above, even more Fuji X30 details have been revealed. The compact camera will reportedly replace the X20 during a special event scheduled to take place on August 26.

The price and release date have not been mentioned, but it would not be so surprising to see such information getting leaked before the late August announcement.

Newly-leaked Fuji X30 details hint at WiFi support

Moving further to the updated Fujifilm X30 specs list, it appears that the camera will sport a 12-megapixel X-Trans II 2/3-inch-type image sensor, which is identical to the one found in its predecessor.

It is rather weird that the company has decided to put the same sensor into this new shooter, but the improvements will lie in other areas.

On the back of the camera, a 3-inch tilting screen will be added, which is an upgrade from the 2.8-inch display of the X20. Moreover, this shooter will come packed with built-in WiFi and a +/-3 exposure compensation dial.

Fujifilm X30 specs round-up

These details will be added to the list of previously-known features. The Fuji X30 will allegedly sport a new electronic viewfinder with 2.36-million-dot resolution, full coverage, and 0.62x magnification.

Its fixed lens will provide a 35mm focal length equivalent of 28-112mm and a maximum aperture of f/2-2.8, similar to that of the X20. Additionally, it will employ two rings, one for the zoom and another one to control exposure settings, just like in the XQ1.

The X30 will come packed with an impressive battery life, allowing users to capture over 400 shots on a single charge. As a bonus, the battery will be rechargeable via a USB 2.0 port.

Nevertheless, these are all gossip talks hence you must not get your hopes too high for now.

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