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More Nikon D810 specs and details leaked ahead of launch


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More Nikon D810 specs and details have been leaked on the web ahead of the DSLR camera’s official announcement, which will take place tomorrow on June 26.

Just a few hours have passed since the last time we spoke about the Nikon D810. For those of you who are oblivious to the matter, the D810 is a full frame DSLR camera which is rumored to replace the big-megapixel D800 and D800E shooters on June 26.

This time, inside sources have revealed more specs and details about the upcoming shooter. Among the details, we can find the camera’s native ISO sensitivity range, which will reach a maximum of 12,800.

nikon-af-s-24-85mm-f3.5-4.5g-ed-vr More Nikon D810 specs and details leaked ahead of launch Rumors

The current Nikon AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens is rumored to be offered as a kit with the Nikon D810. The official announcement is set to occur on June 26.

New Nikon D810 specs leaked in the wake of its announcement

The latest Nikon D810 specs list confirms some details that we have heard in the past. First of all, it is worth noting that the information comes from a different source, so it is fairly obvious that the camera will be called “D810”, instead of D800s, like previously rumored.

Furthermore, the DSLR will employ a 36-megapixel sensor (the number of effective megapixels will probably reach 36.3) and there will be no anti-aliasing (AA) filter. There will be only one version of the camera, so no D800 equivalent for users fearing moiré patterns.

The Japanese company will counteract moiré patterns with the help of a new software that will suppress these flaws. In addition, the processing power of the D810 will come from the EXPEED 4 processor, so it seems like it may not be designated as “4A” after all.

As for the remainder of the specs list, the one-step better low-light performance has also been confirmed. The native ISO range is 64-12800, which is better than the 100-6400 ISO range found in the D800/D800E. The maximum ISO of the Nikon D810 will probably stand at 51200 using built-in settings, one-stop better than the 25600 provided by its predecessors.

Nikon to pair the D810 with a zoom lens

There is no exact price for the time being. However, we know that the Nikon D810 will be more expensive than both the D800 and D810.

Furthermore, it seems like the camera will be offered with a kit lens. The AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens will be paired with the new full frame DSLR camera.

This is a versatile zoom lens that covers wide-angle to telephoto angles and it could be useful during your vacations. It is available at Amazon for about $600. Stick with us to capture the news as it happens!

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