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More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked online


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The Olympus E-P5 will be announced during an event in China on May 11, but plenty of photos of the camera have already been leaked on the web.

The rumor mill does not have any doubts that Olympus will announce a successor for the E-P3 sometime in May. The company has already revealed that it will hold a press event in China on May 11, but sources claim that the camera is actually coming on May 9.

olympus-e-p5-top-controls-leaked More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked online Rumors

The top controls on the Olympus E-P5 camera will look like this. Micro Four Thirds fans will be able to find the shutter button, scene selector, and a hot shoe mount among others.

Olympus E-P5 photos leaked on the web ahead of its official announcement

Despite the fact that there is plenty of time until the shooter’s release date, the Olympus E-P5 has been leaked online. Such things happen closer to a device’s announcement date, therefore Micro Four Thirds system adopters will be pleased to see the new PEN before its official unveiling.

The pictures reveal that Olympus has decided to alter the control buttons placement, which is different when compared to the E-P3. Additionally, it seems like the company is heading back towards a more retro-like design, that may or may not appeal to the company’s fans.

olympus-e-p5-rear-leaked More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked online Rumors

The rear of the Olympus E-P5 is housing an articulated display. The placement of the buttons has been changed when compared to the camera’s predecessor.

Plenty of features and changes confirmed by the leaked images

As the Olympus E-P5 does not have a built-in viewfinder, it appears that the camera maker will supply an external one. The VF-4 viewfinder is rumored to feature a 2.3 million-dot resolution and to be manufactured by Epson.

The display on the camera’s back should be a touchscreen, but this thing is not certain yet. The only sure thing is the fact that the Olympus E-P5 will employ an articulated screen.

olympus-e-p5-external-viewfinder-leaked More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked online Rumors

Olympus E-P5 will be able to purchase an optional external viewfinder manufactured by Epson.

E-P5 to have similar internals as the E-M5

Moreover, the rumor mill says that the E-P5 will come packed with a 16-megapixel image sensor, similar to the one found in the E-M5. The processor will also be the same as the E-M5 one.

However, the E-P5 will sport Focus Peaking technology, which is particularly useful when it displays a peak of the focus in manual mode as well as autofocus and manual mode combination.

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