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More Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera specs show up online


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More Samsung NX1 specs have been leaked on the web, along with its price and release date, ahead of the mirrorless camera’s announcement set for Photokina 2014.

Samsung is allegedly working on a new mirrorless camera with an APS-C image sensor to take the flagship crown of its NX-mount. Its name has been mentioned on the company’s official channels and has been spotted in leaked internal presentations.

samsung-nx30 More Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera specs show up online Rumors

Samsung NX30 is currently the flagship NX-mount camera. Its place will be taken by the NX1 sometime this fall, sources say.

Recently, some preliminary specs of the shooter have showed up on the web. Now it is time for more Samsung NX1 specs and details to be leaked as well as some information about the release date and price, so read on to find them out!

More Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera specs show up online

Samsung will put a 28-megapixel APS-C image sensor into the NX1, a feature that has been leaked on a previous basis. It seems like the ISOCELL technology will not be added to the sensor, so users hoping that the company’s smartphone-related system will make it into the flagship camera will have to wait a little longer for such thing to happen.

The mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will come packed with a brand new electronic viewfinder. It will have the highest resolution out of all electronic viewfinders on the market and is said to feature “new technology”, possibly one that reduces lag.

Furthermore, the NX1 will offer a continuous shooting mode of up to 10fps with focus tracking turned on. The AF system is said to consist of a new on-sensor Phase Detection technology that sports more AF points than the Sony A6000, a new MILC with 179 PDAF points.

The design of the camera will be inspired by the older Mamiya 6 and will include a similar grip and large viewfinder. On the back, a large touchscreen will allow users to control the camera, though the Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera will employ its fair share of physical buttons.

Its user interface is said to be similar to the Tizen OS model. Last but not least, the NX-mount shooter will be both splashproof and dustproof.

Samsung NX1 price and release date to be $1,300 and November 2013, respectively

Samsung NX1 release date will be scheduled for November 2014, while its announcement event will take place at Photokina 2014 or around the world’s largest digital imaging event.

The South Korean company will sell its flagship camera for around $1,300 for the body-only version, while a kit with a 16-50mm f/2-2.8 S ED OIS pancake zoom lens will go up to $2,300.

The new report has failed to confirm an important detail specified in the previous one. The NX1 was said to be capable of recording 4K videos, but the new source has not provided such details.

It is worth pointing out that the aforementioned ISOCELL technology is a system that provides improved image quality. It reduces the crosstalk between individual pixels by 30%, this way increasing sharpness as well as color accuracy.

Nevertheless, it is found in the Galaxy S5 smartphone and it is more common in smaller image sensors where crosstalking is more common. Either way, this is just a rumor so it should be treated accordingly.

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