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More Sony A77II specs revealed by inside sources


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A few more Sony A77II specs have been revealed by sources familiar with the matter and a couple of them will surely raise the photographers’ interest.

Sony is rumored to introduce a successor for its middle-entry Alpha SLT-A77 camera on May 1.

The launch event of the so-called Sony A77II (previously-known as A79) will take place during the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at the Somerset House in London, UK, a source has revealed.

Unnamed people have leaked some technical details regarding the camera in the past, but there is always room for more. The good thing is that more Sony A77II specs have just been leaked on the web ahead of the device’s announcement date.

New Sony A77II specs reveal presence of 50-megapixel Foveon-like sensor

sony-a77 More Sony A77II specs revealed by inside sources Rumors

Sony A77’s successor is rumored to feature a Foveon-like 50-megapixel image sensor.

Most sources agree that the next Sony A-mount camera will feature a high-resolution sensor. A 32-megapixel model has been the primary candidate until now, but it seems like the PlayStation maker will try a different approach.

According to the latest information, the Sony A77II will feature a Foveon-like multi-layered sensor with a total megapixel count of 50.

This would make it one of the highest megapixel cameras in the world. Such amounts are more common in medium format cameras or in Sigma’s DP Merrill series.

Furthermore, the shooter will sport a very quick autofocus system and continuous shooting mode, while the electronic viewfinder will offer zero lag, as previously stated.

About Foveon sensors. Again!

The Foveon sensors have been developed by a company called Foveon, which has been purchased by Sigma in order to add the sensors to its own devices.

Such sensors feature three layers capable of absorbing light, one for every color of the RGB spectrum.

Bayer sensors have just one layer and the colors are spread throughout the sheet with green being the dominant one.

On the other hand, a Foveon sensor is ruled by red and is capable of capturing very sharp photos.

Sony showing signs that an A77 replacement is nearing

There are some early signs pointing to the fact that a device is one the verge of being replaced.

The most common signs are a sudden price decrease and an empty stock. This time, the Sony A77 has been affected by the latter.

Several European branches have revealed that the Sony A77 is now sold out. The A-mount camera is no longer available at the company’s official stores in Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, and France among others.

On the US market, Amazon continues to sell the A77 for less than $800, a price which has been in place for a long period of time.

As usual, take this with a small pinch of salt and stay tuned to see how the story will unfold.

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