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Infographic reveals the most popular cameras on stock sites


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Stock Photo Secrets has compiled an infographic called “What Gear for Shooting Stock” to determine which are the most popular cameras on stock photography websites.

Dreamstime is a popular place to buy stock photos. Its catalog consists of about 18,500,000 images, which are available at various rates. In recent times, the website has been updated in order to provide more features to its users and now it allows them to search photos by camera among others.

most-popular-camera-brands Infographic reveals the most popular cameras on stock sites News and Reviews

Most popular camera cameras and brands on Dreamstime stock photography website. (Click to make it larger)

Stock Photo Secrets creates “What Gear for Shooting Stock” infographic using Dreamstime data

This may seem like an odd feature, but it is useful for providing statistical information. After getting the data from Dreamstime, Stock Photo Secrets has decided to create the “What Gear for Shooting Stock” infographic.

It includes the number of stock images by camera, which are the most popular brands, as well as the details about the oldest shooters which are still contributing to the site.

The creators speculate that having a certain device could possibly increase your stock photo sales and the numbers seem to back up this statement.

Canon 5D Mark II leads the “most popular cameras” top

According to the infographic, the Canon 5D Mark II is the most popular camera on this stock photo website. There are more than 1.34 million images on Dreamstime captured exclusively with the 5D Mark II.

The EOS 5D is the second camera in this chart. It is also the predecessor of the 5D Mark II and there are more than 600,000 stock photos available for purchase on the website.

Third place has been grabbed by one of Canon’s biggest rivals, Nikon, with the D700 DSLR and more than 492,000 images. The top five is completed by the Nikon D80 with more than 400,000 photos and the EOS 40D with over 393,000 shots, respectively.

The infographic reveals that Canon is the leading brand with more than 5.04 million photos, while Nikon is second with 2.73 million. Third place is secured by Sony with 275,275 images, fourth comes Pentax with 177,860 photos, while Pentax is fifth with 177,646 shots.

Canon 5D photos leading most downloaded of all time, 5D Mark II images most popular in 2013

As for the most downloaded photos of all time, it seems like the Canon 5D leads the race, followed by the D5 Mark II, 1DS, 20D, and 300D / Digital Rebel in this order.

Nikon is more present in the chart for this year, though this top is also led by one of Canon’s shooters: the 5D Mark II. Second comes the Nikon D80 and while the D700 is the third-placed shooter. Fourth comes the EOS 7D, while the fifth place has been grabbed by the D90.

Flickr data is almost lined up with Dreamstime, as smartphones trouble these calm waters

These statistics are almost matching the situation we can find on Flickr. The popular image sharing website also puts Canon and its 5D Mark II as the top brand and camera, respectively. Nikon is second, but the D7000 is the leader here, while third comes Sony with the RX100 as its main shooter.

The chart is completed by Panasonic with the GF1 as its main contributor and by Olympus with the E-M5 as the top model.

If it were to include smartphone cameras, then there would have been some changes. According to Flickr, iPhone users are third, while Samsung ones propel the Galaxy maker to the sixth spot. This way Sony and Panasonic each drop a place, while Olympus loses two positions.

Some photographers are still uploading photos with “ancient” cameras, such as Nikon E4500 and Canon D30

It appears that photographers are uploading shots captured with somewhat old cameras on Dreamstime, too. The list includes the Kodak CX4300, Olympus C3000Zm Nikon E4500, Sony 100, Canon D30, and the Fujifilm S1 Pro.

We are looking forward to seeing a similar infographic one year from now. It would be interesting to see how the latest cameras as well as new smartphones will affect these statistics, though it is unlikely that things will change as there have not been any truly ground-breaking devices launched this year.

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