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Light painting at its finest in “Motion Exposure” photo series


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Photographer Stephen Orlando is creating masterful long exposure photos of swimmers, kayakers, and canoers who are attaching LED lights to them or to their paddles, which lead to the creation of the amazing “Motion Exposure” project.

Light painting and long exposure can lead to some incredible shots. People are often fooled into thinking that such shots are actually the result of regular photoshopping, but it is amazing what photographers with imagination can do without too much editing.

Stephen Orlando is a master of both light painting and long exposure, which are both important parts of his “Motion Exposure” project. The series consists of long exposure photos of LED lights attached to sports subjects who are in motion. This technique results in weird light shapes which could be easily mistaken for alien activity.

Photographer greats unique patterns using LED lights attached to athletes

One of the coolest things to try once you get your first camera is to experiment with light painting. This is something that you simply must try because it is fascinating. Once you are through with it, you can tend to other parts of your career in photography.

Nevertheless, there are some people who are simply good at this, people who have lots of talent and imagination. In this case, we are referring to Stephen Orlando, an artist based in Ontario, Canada.

The photographer is using light painting techniques on Canadian rivers and lakes, where swimmers, kayakers, and canoers are practicing their favorite sports.

Stephen is attaching LED lights to his subjects or to the paddles they are using in order to capture their repetitive motions. The photographers sets long exposure times in order to make the light trails as long as possible and to have time to change the colors of the lights.

These photos are then added to the “Motion Exposure” project, which is an example of perfect long exposure photography and which should serve as an inspiration for all aspiring artists who are fond of low-light shooting.

Stephen Orlando is “fascinated” by the motion through space and time

Ontario-based artist Stephen Orlando says that he loves to create unique effects by “capturing the motion through time and space into a single photography”.

The LED lights with custom colors are giving him the chance to create different patterns and light trails in nature or even in urban landscapes. The athletes do not show up in the shots, so you may trick your friends into believing that aliens created the pictures before telling them the truth.

As usual, more details and photos can be found at the photographer’s website.

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