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Mount July filters campaign goes live on Kickstarter


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Stanford-based Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush have launched their Kickstarter project, called Mount July, which consists of a series of filters which take Instagram-like effects to a whole new level.

Two Stanford University students, Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush, have recently revealed their Mount July project. The pair announced that they will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first multi-color graduated filters. Well, the project has finally gone live and it is waiting for your funding.

mount-july-filters Mount July filters campaign goes live on Kickstarter Fun

Stinson, Sedona, and Sayulita compile the family of Mount July filters. Each of them provides a different effect, while stacking them takes your creativity to a whole new level.

Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush launch Kickstarter project for Mount July filters

For those who are unaware of the subject, they should know that Mount July consists of a series of color-splashed filters for digital cameras. They can be attached to your lens and they can even be stacked on top of one another for even more creative effects.

The Mount July series consists of three filters. The family consists of Stinson, Sedona, and Sayulita. They will work when capturing stills or movies, too.

Although the Mount July filters are aimed at digital cameras, Olivia and Martin have confirmed that the filters are compatible with analog shooters, as well, because they can be attached to any 52mm and 58mm lenses.

More details about donating to the Kickstarter campaign

People who donate $35 or more on Kickstarter will receive one filter of their choice. Backers will have to specify which version they want, as well as its size.

Moreover, pledging $65 will get you a Stinson and Sedona pair, which are great for photographers looking to add warmer tones to their photography, along with a bit of vignetting.

In order to get all three filters, Kickstarter users will have to donate $95.  Additionally, it is worth specifying that more money will get you some nice and fun presents.

The Stanford students need your help right now

The full campaign requires $32,000 to be successful. There are 27 days to go and the Stanford team has managed to raise $8,882 at the time of writing this article.

Although there is still enough time until the end, we invite anybody who wants a filter to donate, in order to raise the whole amount so that the manufacturing process begins sooner.

If you want to check out the journey of the color-splashed camera filters, you should access the official Tumblr page of the Mount July project.

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