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MōVI gimbal and Red Epic 5K camera capture stunning IR short film


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Vincent Laforet has released a short film captured with a Red Epic 5K camera used in combination with the amazing MōVI gimbal.

MōVI is a camera stabilizer, which is said to be revolutionary as it can steady any kind of camcorder when used for recording professional-looking videos. The device has been unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2013 (NAB), courtesy of Freefly Systems and legendary photographer Vincent Laforet.

Vincent Laforet uses Red Epic 5K camera and MōVI gimbal to produce amazing 5K shots

Ever since its introduction, the MoVI gimbal has been the subject of several videos released by Freefly or Laforet. They are promoting the device, in order to show the world that anybody can use it even in harsh conditions.

The latest movie has been directed and released by Vincent Laforet. It is a short film captured mostly with a Red Epic 5K camera stabilized with MoVI’s help. But this is not all, since the director has removed the infra red filter of the shooter, thus recording stunning IR videos.

Beautiful models seen in extremely impressive infra red footage

The camera and the gimbal may be the main stars of the video, but the actual stars are several beautiful models known as the SCO Sisters. The models are also known as the Brazilian triplets and, if the MoVI does not convince you to watch the video, then the girls will definitely accomplish this.

Moreover, models Jacqueline Buda and Heather Fusari can also be seen in the video, so this is definitely worth watching, also considering the fact that they have been captured in infra red.

movi-m10-gimbal MōVI gimbal and Red Epic 5K camera capture stunning IR short film News and Reviews

MoVI M10 digital gimbal has been used by Vincent Laforet to steady the video captured with the Red Epic 5K camera in infra red.

MoVI M10 is shipping this July for $15,000

Getting back to the MōVI camera stabilizer, it can be used for capturing amazing shots. In one sequence, the cameraman is dropping the Red Epic recorder off a balcony using nothing more than a rope. Amazingly, the video remains very stable, without any post-processing enhancements.

The film has been captured somewhere in Hollywood, Los Angeles, with the MōVI M10, which is expected to ship to the first buyers as of July.

The price tag of the M10 version is $15,000, as all MoVI devices are being hand-made by Freefly Systems, which is also a reason why pre-orders  have to wait until mid-summer.

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