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My 15 Second Photoshop Edit * For White Studio Backdrop Look


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How to achieve a 15 Second Photoshop Actions Edit * For White Studio Backdrop Look

One of my customers, Isabel San Jose, emailed me with her dilemma. She lives in Manila, Philippines and did a commercial product shoot for a clothing company. She has 100+ photos to edit from their upcoming line and her customers did not like the light gray/white backdrop she shot all the images on.  They wanted blown out high key white commercial backdrop. Ideally it would be easier to achieve a white background with proper lighting while shooting, but sometimes things do not work out the way we plan.

Here are a few past blueprints and tutorials on that hi-key or hot white backdrop:

For Isabella’s situation, it was too late to achieve this in camera.

Enter…. Bag of Tricks and the Studio White Bright Spell Photoshop action. This Photoshop action is designed to turn those not quite white backdrops pure white in a few clicks. It works amazingly well unless there is a predominate amount of white already on the subject.

isabella My 15 Second Photoshop Edit * For White Studio Backdrop Look Blueprints Photoshop Actions Photoshop Tips & Tutorials

Step 1: Ran the Studio White Drop Spell action from the Bag of Tricks Photoshop action set. Used a black brush to hide the slightly brightened effect on the hat and boots, which were effected in the white areas.

Step 2: Used Magic Fill Light, also from the Bag of Tricks, to brighten the darker areas of the image.

Step 3: Used the FREE Photoshop action: Facebook Fix to make the before and after in a few seconds. Grab this free action for PSE and Photoshop.

15 seconds later, I emailed her the sample so she can have her customer decide if this is the right fit for the images for her catalog.


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