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National Geographic’s 125th anniversary celebrated with a special website


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National Geographic is celebrating 125 years of existence with a website consisting of a special collection of photos, stories, facts, blog posts, and videos.

The National Geographic organization is celebrating its 125th anniversary this January. The society is recalling the best moments from its great history of 125 years, which started when 33 scientists and explorers decided to improve people’s geographical knowledge.

The National Geographic Society was founded on January 27, 1888, by 33 scientists and explorers. Gardiner Greene Hubbard became its first president, while today the organization is led by Chairman and CEO John Fahey, and President Tim Kelly.

125 years of great moments

National-Geographics-125th-Anniversary-Best-Moments National Geographic's 125th anniversary celebrated with a special website News and Reviews

Memorable moments in National Geographic’s 125th history

Although the first National Geographic issues were mostly sold as scientific journals, today the magazine has become one of the most important resources for photography fans. The magazine was first intended for people seeking to improve their knowledge in science and geography, but the leaders of the Society adapted quickly to technology advancements.

Photography became really important throughout the years, and the first black-and-white photos were published during the 1900s. In addition, the first color images were published in the magazine’s mid-1910s editions. One of the most important photos consists of the first underwater color images taken by Nat Geo’s photographer, Charles Martin in 1926. In the 1930s, color photos featured regularly within the magazine’s pages.

Historic firsts to celebrate National Geographic’s 125th anniversary

National-Geographic-125th-Anniversary-Historic-Firsts National Geographic's 125th anniversary celebrated with a special website News and Reviews

National Geographic’s 125th anniversary. Historic firsts: Machu Picchu excavation, Dalai Lama Palace, first underwater color image, and first snow leopard photo.

The website, celebrating 125 years of National Geographic, contains a “Historic Firsts” section, where photography fans can see some of the most important photos taken by National Geographic photographers. There is a black-and-white photo of the Dalai Lama palace taken in 1905, the Society’s first wildlife photography-related image taken in 1906, images of the 1909 Arctic Expedition, Machu Picchu excavation photos, and the first aerial color photograph depicting the Statue of Liberty.

The list also includes the first color image taken from Earth’s stratosphere, images from the first American expedition towards Mount Everest’s summit, the first photo of a snow leopard ever taken, and many other memorable moments.

Remembering the most iconic National Geographic cover images

National Geographic’s 125th anniversary. Two of the most iconic covers: Buzz Aldrin’s moonwalk and young Afghan Girl

Nat Geo features a special section where readers can remember the most iconic cover images from the magazine’s 125 years of history. It includes the December 1969 issue, which depicts Buzz Aldrin’s moonwalk, in a photo taken by Neil Armstrong.

The Young Afghan Girl can also be remembered, as she appeared on the cover of the June 1985 issue. It is one of the most popular photographs ever, and it was taken by Steve McCurry. The girl portrayed on the cover was living  in Pakistan as a refugee, after Soviet Union’s attack on Afghanistan. Her identity remained unknown for more than 17 years, until she was found somewhere in her home country, in January 2002.

National Geographic used this opportunity to thank all fans and the eight million monthly subscribers of the magazine, who helped the Society achieve “125 years of wonder.”

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