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Stunning Tigress wins National Geographic Photo Contest 2012


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National Geographic announced the 2012 Photo Contest winners, with the Grand Prize Award headed to a photographer who took a portrait of a splashing Tigress.

National Geographic is holding an annual photo contest photographers from all around the world are invited to submit their best photos for a chance to win $10,000. There are three categories: Nature, People and Places. This year’s Grand Prize Winner was selected from the Nature department, where Ashley Vincent revealed his amazing shot of an Indochinese Tigress.

Grand Prize Winner and Nature Winner

National-Geographic-Grand-Prize-Nature-Winner-Photo Stunning Tigress wins National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 News and Reviews
The photo was taken at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand, where Busaba is attracting thousands and thousands of visitors. Photographer Ashley Vincent said he took so many photos of the Tigress, and that he would never have hoped to catch such an impressive picture, because most of the photos looked pretty much the same. He decided to pay more attention to Busaba while she was playing in the pool and, eventually, he made the most out of the presented opportunity.

The National Geographic Photo Contest winner shot was taken with a Canon EOS 7D using a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM MK II with focal length set at 200mm, shutter speed at 1/1000, f/2.8 aperture, and 400 ISO.

People Winner

National-Geographic-People-Winner-Photo Stunning Tigress wins National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 News and Reviews
The winning photo of the People category has a more disheartening story, and it was taken by Micah Albert. The photographer spent a lot of time at the Dandora Municipal Dump Site in Nairobi, Kenya. The country is located in East Africa, Nairobi being one of the largest cities in the area. The Dandora Dump Site measures 30 acres, and the waste pours down on the slums, where about one million are trying to make a living.

People living in the slums have a long history of health issues including skin disorders, respiratory problems, and high toxic levels in their blood. People who are healthy enough to work, including children, spend their days in the dump site, trying to find recyclable waste. They only make a few pennies per day, as the private cartels are in full control over the area.

The winning photo depicts a couple of women who get access to the dump site towards the end of the day, after the men finish their job.

Places Winner

National-Geographic-Places-Winner-Photo Stunning Tigress wins National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 News and Reviews
Although the competition was not that fierce in the Places department, the judges said reaching a final conclusion took quite a lot of debate. The winning photo was taken by Nenad Saljic, in Zermatt, Switzerland. It presents the Matterhorn peak, which measures 4,478m.

Photographer Nenad Saljic took this photo during a full moon while the snow was being blown away by blizzard. He described the mountain as a special place and dedicated all the shots in “A Portrait Of The Matterhorn” to the climbers who were brave enough to climb this peak and to those who did not manage to return home.

Nat Geo will be back

National Geographic stated that the three winners were picked from more than 22,000 shots and that the Grand Prize Winner will be awarded $10,000 as well as a trip to the organization’s Washington D.C. headquarters, where he will take part in a special seminar.

The contest will return later this year when photographers will be once again invited to submit their shots, while a winner will be announced in early 2014.

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