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Nauticam releases NA-NEX6 underwater housing for the Sony NEX-6 camera


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Nauticam has officially introduced the NA-NEX6 underwater housing for the Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera, with improved build quality and several new features.

The US-based underwater housing manufacturer has unveiled its first housing for mirrorless cameras in 2013. The NA-NEX6 is only available for the Sony Alpha NEX-6 camera and is made out of an aluminum body and a scratch-resistant / anti-reflective back cover.

nauticam-na-nex6-underwater-housing-sony-nex-6 Nauticam releases NA-NEX6 underwater housing for the Sony NEX-6 camera News and Reviews

Nauticam NA-NEX6 underwater housing can take the Sony NEX-6 camera to 100 meter depths, thanks to its aluminum body.

Nauticam’s NA-NEX6 underwater housing can take your Sony NEX-6 at depths of 100m

The company says its new housing was designed to make it easier for photographers to get their camera underwater. The new case was ergonomically engineered and allows Sony NEX-6 users to take their camera down to 100 meters underwater.

Nauticam’s NA-NEX6 housing was designed in a such a way that users do not have to remove the camera from the cover to change the lenses. Speaking of which, the housing supports numerous lenses including Sony’s 18-55mm, 16mm pancake, and 30mm macro optics. Please note that the lenses cannot be changed underwater, as they need to be replaced at the surface, in order to prevent water to enter into the camera’s body.

The Nauticam NA-NEX6 underwater cover is based on a single-lock housing mechanism, making it very easy to be attached on the Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera. The aforementioned lens attachment port release system is patented and the company says that no other company offers such technology.

rear-cover-nauticam-na-nex6-underwater-housing-sony-nex-6 Nauticam releases NA-NEX6 underwater housing for the Sony NEX-6 camera News and Reviews

The rear cover of the Nauticam NA-NEX6 underwater housing provides access to all of the Sony NEX-6 buttons and controls.

Nauticam offering custom ports for the NA-NEX6 underwater housing

Photographers who want to improve the underwater capabilities of their camera need to know that Nauticam is also offering custom ports for the 16-50mm and 10-18mm lenses.

NA-NEX6 housing also allows the users to easily press all buttons and make use of all controls found on the NEX-6 camera, including the Sony control wheel, Fn button, shutter release, electronic viewfinder, playback and record keys.

The company is offering extra accessories for the housing, like a custom flash adapter, external viewfinder, and a rubberized ergonomic handle, which might come in handy depending on what kind of photo shoots users want to conduct underwater.

Nauticam’s NA-NEX6 housing measures 183 x 133 x 81mm, while weighing 1.9lbs. It is available as of today through authorized Nauticam dealers for a MSRP of $1,650.

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