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New 500px Photo Page design begins rolling out to all users


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500px has introduced a new design for its Photo Page, in order to offer a more visually-pleasing experience to photographers worldwide.

It has become one of the most popular photo-sharing websites in the world shortly after its launch. It is called 500px and a lot of photographers are choosing to share their latest creations on this site. In order to keep its existing users and attract even more from competitors, such as Flickr, a new website design has just been introduced.

new-500px-design New 500px Photo Page design begins rolling out to all users News and Reviews

The new 500px design has been revealed and it has started rolling out to existing users. It comes with keyboard shortcuts, a new header, and the ability to expand the size of the images among others. (Click to enlarge).

New 500px Photo Page design has begun rolling out to all photographers

500px has explained in a blog post that the new Photo Page has been created especially for photographers. It will allow them to showcase their artwork in a more tempting way.

The company felt that it would be necessary to match the greatness of the images presented by various lensmen, so the new design is simpler, more elegant, and a joy to behold.

Plenty of keyboard shortcuts and fullscreen mode finally available to users

Among the new features we can find fullscreen viewing and the ability to upload larger images. The former is called Focus View and it can be enabled by pressing the “H” button on your keyboard, while the latter allows users to see bigger photos in their feeds.

The aforementioned Focus View comes packed with even more keyboard shortcuts. Pressing “M” maximizes the image, “L” is for liking, while “F” is for adding a photo to your favorites.

500px displays the information in a more streamlined way

The responsive design will ensure that 500px photos are expanded according to the resolution of your monitor. Additionally, it is great for panorama shots and we all know how much people are appreciating panorama shots these days.

The new 500px Photo Page also comes with a new header, which displays information about the photographer, as well as the sharing / like / favorite buttons. Meanwhile, the comments section sits nicely below the shots.

Beneath the photos, users will be able to find the location and other information about the respective images, such as camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

It is unknown whether more design changes are coming in the near future, but 500px says that it is waiting for any feedback, so go ahead and forward your thoughts to the company.

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