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New Adobe Creative Cloud update released for PC and mobile users


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Adobe has announced a new update for its Creative Cloud suite, which is aimed at enhancing productivity for both desktop and mobile users.

The Adobe MAX 2014 conference has just started and the company has begun its day with the introduction of new tools for Creative Cloud users. Beside offering improvements for its software suite, the developer has also announced that the latest updates will boost the productivity on desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to this, Adobe has released a Creative SDK, which is now in the public beta phase. It will allow developers to create third-party applications that will be connected to the Creative Cloud.

adobe-creative-cloud-libraries New Adobe Creative Cloud update released for PC and mobile users News and Reviews

The new Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries will allow users to create and to access their layers and elements in the cloud, so that they can be used between CC apps and across PCs and mobile devices.

Adobe announces and releases Creative Cloud update at MAX 2014

The new Adobe Creative Cloud update comes with Creative Profile support. This tool consists of a profile that will be available to the users “no matter where they are”, what they are editing, and what devices they are using.

The company says that their files and their settings will be available from application to application and from device to device. As a result, the mobile apps have been updated in order to provide more functionality to Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro mobile users.

Among the new features we can find Photoshop Sketch, which consists of new integrated brushes. The list continues with Photoshop Mix improvements that are meant to improve photo compositing on mobiles.

Smartphone and tablet users are also getting new “capture” applications, such as Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC (previously known as Kuler). All these features will be available to all users, regardless of their subscription plans.

New Adobe Creative Cloud update does not ignore desktop users

Desktop users have not been forgotten. However, the latest Adobe Creative Cloud update is here to increase productivity, as stated above, instead of providing a slew of new tools.

Windows 8 devices have received touch support, while 4K movies are now properly supported in Premiere Pro CC. Moreover, HiDPI and 3D are now properly supported in After Effects.

If you are an Illustrator user, then you will be pleased to hear that a new Curvature tool is available for you. As for new services, the Creative Cloud Market, Libraries, and Extract have been launched as of today.

These updates have become available for free. Users will also have to update their mobile applications, while everybody can learn more about the new CC at the company’s official website.

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