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New Adobe Photoshop CC price plans revealed in survey


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Adobe Photoshop CC and other Creative Cloud applications will go live as of today, while the company is conducting a survey regarding cheaper pricing models for its apps.

When Adobe announced Photoshop CC at the MAX Creativity Conference 2013, the whole world has entered in shock. During the event, the software maker has revealed that the Creative Suite will be replaced by Creative Cloud, meaning that physical copies of its editing apps will be just a part of history in the near future.

new-adobe-photoshop-cc-price-rumor New Adobe Photoshop CC price plans revealed in survey Rumors

Adobe’s latest online survey wants to know what people think about subscribing to Photoshop CC for $9.99 per month, if they agree on a 3-year plan.

Adobe to introduce new Creative Cloud pricing plans soon

Adobe has said that CS6 will continue to be available and that software updates will be released. However, there will be no CS7, as Photoshop CC and other cloud apps are taking the places of their physical siblings.

Most photographers have been outraged by this decision because they would have to pay a lot more for the applications and there is no information about what is going to happen once the users cease to pay their subscriptions.

Well, it appears that the company is listening to its customers, who have already begun using the programs of Adobe’s competition. The software maker is conducting a survey, asking Creative Cloud users what they would feel about a new Adobe Photoshop CC price model.

New Adobe Photoshop CC price to be 50% lower on three-year subscription

The entire contents of the survey have not been leaked, but it appears that Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers will be able to choose a new pricing plan. The new model would allow photographers to subscribe to Photoshop CC for $9.99 per month.

This deal is a lot better than the current one, though users would have to agree on a 3-year contract. Moreover, the entire Adobe CC list of apps will be available for a monthly fee of $29.99, if the user agrees to the same contract period.

At the contract’s end, all users will receive the entire list of Adobe CS6 apps, which will continue to get software updates to include the latest camera models.

Adobe has not confirmed these details, yet

The current pricing and subscriptions information says that users have to pay $49.99 per month for full CC, while CS6 users can pay $19.99 and CS5.5 or lower users can get CC for $29.99. However, the offers for existing users will expire on July 31, meaning that everybody will pay $49.99 as of August 1.

Meanwhile, Photoshop CC costs $19.99, but only if you agree on a 12-month plan. A month-to-month subscription costs $29.99, which is considered very expensive.

Either way, the new Adobe Photoshop CC price plans would be better for the users and it remains to be seen whether the company will introduce them in the near future.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is available for $681.73 at Amazon and $599.95 at Adorama respectively.

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