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New autofocus technology coming this July in the Canon 70D


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A new type of autofocus technology will be launched by Canon in the summer of 2013, as the new system will first appear in the sought-after EOS 70D camera.

Canon has been rumored to announce a new EOS XXD shooter for a very long time. The new DSLR was due in late April, but somehow it managed to get itself postponed. Recently, the reason for that has been unearthed by inside sources, who have confirmed that the Japanese company is working on a new autofocus technology.

canon-70d-new-autofocus-technology New autofocus technology coming this July in the Canon 70D Rumors

Canon 60D’s replacement will take everyone by storm this July, when the camera is said to be launched alongside a new autofocus technology.

Canon 70D to be announced this July and will feature a brand new autofocus technology

Sources have revealed that Canon will hold a surprise announcement this summer. It appears that the event will take place sometime in July, when the 70D is also rumored to be unveiled.

However, the two products will not be outed during the same event, source says. The new AF technology will show up first in the new EOS XXD and, even if the Canon 70D is the DSLR to pack this technique, the camera will be shown to the public at a later date.

This may be a weird decision or a misinterpretation, but the certain things are that Canon is preparing for a busy summer schedule, when a lot of new products are said to be revealed.

Next-generation Canon EOS M to sport a new AF technology, too

The Canon EOS M replacement will also be announced in the summer of 2013. The mirrorless camera will be accompanied by a couple of EF-M lenses, including an 18-135mm one.

The rumor mill has also suggested that the EOS M successor will pack a class-leading AF technology, in order to wash away the disappointments of the first iteration.

Since sources are speculating about a new AF system for two different cameras, it is safe to assume that Canon is looking to make a lot of improvements in this regard, but you can never be sure until the actual products make their first official appearances.

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