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New Canon 1D X Mark II details and specs leaked


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The rumor mill has leaked new Canon 1D X Mark II details along with some novel information regarding the Canon 5D Mark IV, as both DSLRs are believed to be on track for an early 2016 announcement.

Two of the cameras which have received the most mentions within the gossip mill this year are Canon’s EOS 1D X Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV. Both units are allegedly scheduled to become official in the first part of 2016 and new details about them have showed up online.

The new Canon 1D X Mark II details are concerning its specs list, while the ones about the 5D Mark IV are about its announcement date. Alongside this pair, trusted sources are claiming that we may see updated 5DS and 5DS R cameras next year. Here is everything we know so far!

Latest Canon 1D X Mark II details: new sensor, display, and autofocus technology

The Japan-based company has allegedly decided to kill off the 1D C. As a result, the 1D X Mark II will serve as a replacement for this model as well as for the 1D X. This is one of the reasons why its sensor will be able to shoot 4K videos at up to 60fps and full HD videos at 120fps.

canon-1d-x New Canon 1D X Mark II details and specs leaked Rumors

Canon will add a lot of new stuff into the 1D X Mark II, including a new sensor and autofocus system.

According to the source, the DSLR will employ a new sensor with a new technology. Furthermore, the autofocus system will be brand new, too, while the AI Servo system will offer a learning mode.

The LCD screen will also be new and it might have some kind of new technology built into it. The leakster says that there will be a touch panel for selecting the autofocus point. This could mean that the display on the back will be a touchscreen.

As for the megapixel count, there are talks of an 18-megapixel unit. However, this sensor might be designed for the 5D Mark IV, whereas the 1D X Mark II will have a different model.

The last tidbit is referring to the GPS, which will be built into the camera. Still, there are no news about WiFi technology, but do not draw any conclusions, yet.

5D Mark IV set for March 2016 announcement, while new 5DS and 5DS R to follow soon

As for the 5D Mark IV, this DSLR is rumored to be unveiled in March 2016. We have to remind you that the 1D X Mark II will become official before the 5D Mark III replacement, so the upcoming EOS flagship will most likely be announced in January or February 2016.

No new specifications have been mentioned. However, the insider has revealed some information about the future of the 5D line-up. It appears that the 5DS and 5DS R will both be replaced shortly after the 5D Mark IV gets released on the market.

Whatever comes after the 5DS and 5DS R, it will not be a major evolution of this duo. The source says that the new unit or units will get the body of the 5D Mark IV and a new image sensor.

As we are getting closer to their launch, we will hear more Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 1D X Mark II details, so keep an eye on Camyx!

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