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New Canon 1D X Mark II rumors hint at extended dynamic range


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Canon is rumored to put a brand new image sensor in the EOS 1D X Mark II that will feature the highest dynamic range available in all DSLR cameras on the market.

The next-generation EOS flagship camera is still many months away of being unveiled. The DSLR will allegedly be introduced in late 2015 at the earliest, which means that we should not expect any official information sooner than the fourth quarter of this year.

This aspect is not stopping the gossip talks which have intensified recently. Rumors about the shooter have flown around the web for a couple of years, but only now the information has become abundant and reliable.

After hinting that its image sensor will have more megapixels than its predecessor, the Canon 1D X Mark II’s sensor is now supposed to become the best sensor in terms of dynamic range.

canon-1d-x-mark-ii-image-sensor New Canon 1D X Mark II rumors hint at extended dynamic range Rumors

Canon 1D X Mark II will feature an image sensor with the most extended dynamic range currently available on the market.

Newest Canon 1D X Mark II rumors: sensor with the most extended dynamic range on the market

Canon’s image sensors are by no means considered of poor quality. However, Nikon and Sony are usually the companies which are commended for the dynamic range provided by their sensors.

The EOS maker is aiming to turn the tables in its favor, so the 1D X Mark II will employ a novel sensor that will offer the most DR stops of all DSLR cameras.

It is unclear how much DR will the Canon 1D X Mark II offer, but professional photographers will surely value the company’s decision to improve this aspect of the flagship EOS camera.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that both Nikon and especially Sony may come out with a new sensor that is better than Canon’s unit.

Canon’s upcoming flagship DSLR to be powered by DIGIC 7 processor

The newly-leaked Canon 1D X Mark II specs include a DIGIC 7 image processor. Many sources have suspected that the DSLR will employ dual DIGIC 6 processors or a DIGIC 7 version. According to a trusted source, the latter will be available in the camera. It will be necessary for the increase in megapixels and to still provide a quick continuous shooting mode.

On a previous occasion, the rumor mill has claimed that the shooter will also feature a new autofocus system with more autofocus points than the 1D X. Furthermore, a special technology will be added to the viewfinder for unknown purposes.

The battery will be based on new technology to reduce weight, while the screen of the camera’s rear will have a diagonal longer than 3.2 inches. Meanwhile, stay close to Camyx for more Canon 1D X Mark II rumors!

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